Thamedi Thoughts

After a bit of a chat fest yesterday evening, I actually felt a bit refreshed today.  I ended up sleeping rather late, but I guess that was ok.  I did not accomplish too much, but I did do my little bit of work for the business I am winding down.  I am trying to do a little every day, and hopefully, build up to being able to do more.  I am also feeling some direction in terms of how to start with my new endeavors.

One of the things that I am realizing is that I have changed a LOT since coming here a couple of months shy of 2 years ago.  One of the biggest changes is that I seem to be relaxing into being a blonde and my tolerance and liking for Tellurian things has dwindled.  I seem to be a bit calmer overall, but I also seem a bit more passive.  This would be concerning, but learning to accept and be with stillness may be an important step on my spiritual journey.

I do not know that I have all that much more to say today.  Amethyst made a lovely Sai Thamë doll that she is quite excited about, so here it is below:

Sai Thame doll

Matidi Thoughts

Sai Mati dollIt is now Sai Mati’s Day in my week long journal project.  I was expecting it to be a day of busy-ness and chatter, but sadly, it has not been.  Actually, it has been rather quiet.  I did manage to finish my ironing from yesterday and to do a little other work.

To be honest, the day seemed to be almost day of Matic type troubles.  I think one of the most difficult troubles was a feeling of loneliness.  It has been rather quiet here lately on SW, and I have found I have changed enough to find Telluria online rather difficult to deal with.  Today was a particularly difficult day on Elektra if one is trying to avoid poisonous things.

Ordinator difficulties seem to be a dominant theme earlier today.  I found myself quite annoyed when I was going to spend a little time doing some work, and a task that should have taken about 10 minutes took almost an hour.  Quite frustrating.  Still I did get my ironing done this morning, so that felt like an accomplishment.

As the day went on, things got better though.  Anime club was small today, just Vikhaya-chei and myself for most of it.  We ended up watching Heartcatch Precure.  We are getting near the end, so that is a lot of fun!  It is pretty intense though.  Speaking of Anime, I am very much enjoying Futari wa Pretty Cure.  I am very much impressed with the sound metaphysics, and something happened in an episode that left me speechless.  I probably should not say anything though.  I don’t want to give out too many spoilers.

Elefarya-chei just made Amethyst quite happy, by the way, with the new doll maker.  It looks like we will be making new dolls for the day Janyati.  Too bad 4 days have already passed.  Heee…Amethyst may need to just do ones for next week.

Well, this is turning out to be a short post for Matidi.  Things have gotten rather busy this evening.  Amethyst is also a hurry to post her depiction of Sai Mati with the dollmaker…so, I guess I will close out with this today.