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    Rayati! I am so glad this board exists, because there is a game series I have to share with you all. Have any of you played it?

    The series is called Story of Seasons, formerly Harvest Moon (there was a schism and another company now makes games called Harvest Moon which aren’t as good, while the original group now creates Story of Seasons games which bear more semblance to the originals. It’s very confusing to my blonde brain, to be honest).

    In most of the newer games you can choose between playing as a femini or a mascul, although in the older ones you are limited to playing as a mascul. At the beginning of the games you end up inheriting an old, abandoned farm that you must restore to its former glory. You can build relationships with the villages and get married (sadly, most if not all of the games only allow for schizomorphic marriages). The villages in which the game takes place are very thamelic.

    The best thing about the games though, in my opinion, is the mythology of them. Almost every game features a Goddess who guides you on your path and helps you along your way. Some of the games feature the Goddess more than others, but She appears in some way in most of them. She also greatly influences the culture of the towns. Some of the games feature festivals held in Her honour, in which the local maidens don flower crowns and perform a ritual dance. It feels very Deanic, to me.

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    I played Harvest Moon a long time ago, on the old Gamebaby Color. I have’t played anything in the series since – there is also a connected game that combines farming life with a touch of RPG adventuring I seem to remember, but I forget the name.

    I think they are truly lovely games because they depict peace and harmony and goodness in a truly engaging way.

    I recently downloaded a playable demo of Ever Oasis Seirei to Tanebito no Mirage (mirage of the nature-spirits and seed-people). It is all about building an oasis protected from the threat of chaos. It reminded me of Harvest moon somewhat in its building and nurturing nature though it has adventure elements too.

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    Miss Sushuri, I think I know which one you mean. Is it Rune Factory? I haven’t played any of that series yet, but I’d really like to.

    Thank you for the recommendation! Unfortunately I am hopeless at Japanese, but if I can find a Let’s Play of it by an English-speaking person I’m going to watch that :)

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    Rune Factory! Yes that’s right. I wonder how I forgot that.

    There may well be an English version of Ever Oasis now or soon. Major games usually get translated and this one seems pretty major. I found out about it from a friend and then from my 3DS which is a Japanese one.

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