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    Madeira Darling

    I’ve always loved Quirrie and Trentish radio shows (especially the mystery stories and scary ones) and I’ve recently been watching the Inner Sanctum Mystery movie series and it made me think about how gentle and racinated even scary things can be. They nearly always have happy endings and a reminder that even when things sometimes get quite scary for a time things end up alright in the end and I don’t know… I’ve often been teased about not liking modern scary things because they make me sad rather than giving me a pleasant thrill of fear without making me terribly sad… but I think that’s the difference between things before the eclipse and things after. In scary things before the eclipse they remind you in the end that things will be alright again…

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    `I can’t say I’ve watched any modern scary things, and that is because I always suspect that they will be bad-natured. Of course, not having watched them I am not in a position to say whether that is true or not, but that is my suspicion.

    My criterion is very simple. I am sure some people would say simple-minded. Is it good? Is it on the side of good? If it isn’t, why should I be letting it into my mind?

    I think conscience inversion means feeling bad about doing right and good about doing wrong, and I have a feeling there is a lot of that surrounding what drama we take in. I think everyone knows what is good for the heart (kokoro the inner sun-heart) but conscience inversion is when we are made to feel bad about protecting our heart’s purity and good about letting in things that are not pure.

    But then, who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men…

    (heehee, as you can guess, I used to listen to quite a lot of Quirrie and Trentish radio shows)

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    Without passing judgement on any maid and her media preferences, I must confess that I prefer to avoid scary kinnies of late. I used to absolutely love them, but I’m starting to find them quite horrific and am unable to finish even short clips of them.
    My concern, personally, is the desensitization that I believe comes with viewing such media. I’ve seen wonderful, sweet, kind maids become so distorted, simply through certain kinnies.
    Ah, apologies for jumping in!!!
    In Amity,

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    Madeira Darling

    I can certainly see that. I think perhaps what I like so much about them is the happy endings. They show that in the end good triumphs even when things look very terrible indeed for awhile, which is very comforting when one lives in Telluria

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