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A Reflection on the Solar Eclipse

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    Rayati, honored ones!

    About an hour ago, I arrived home from Idaho, USA. I travelled with family to go view the solar eclipse.

    Now, I have seen discussion of the solar eclipse being something of a “mini Hiatus”, and even though I did not become aware of this discussion until I came home tonight, it is the mindset with which I began the viewing. However, I desired to meditate on the event as it occurred, in hopes that it would enlighten me even in the slightest, and I wish to share those meditations with you.

    I should like to split the event into two parts. The dark and light before and after the eclipse, and totality itself, that is, the perfect alignment of the sun, moon and earth.

    As you watched the moon inch over top of the sun, I must confess, it was eerie. You saw the “shadow band” form on the horizon, and approach you, before being plunged into total darkness. To be quite honest, in the moment that I watched the shadows approach, I was frozen with the greatest terror I have ever felt as I recalled the story of the Noonday Night from our beloved Motherland. It was truly as though the Forces of Darkness themselves were riding forth to overtake us.

    It was a slow process, and many there (there were thousands of observers) did not even notice the shadows until it plunged them into darkness. Is this not symbolic of the nature of Darkness itself? It creeps up on us, as we remain unaware, and by the time we notice it, it is far too late to do anything – it has overtaken us.

    However, during third contact, when the moon began to move away from the sun, you saw the formation of the “diamond ring” – a bit of light from the sun appears, and it looks like a ring of light crowned by an intense “diamond”. And as soon as that diamond appears, the land is awash with light, and the darkness banished.

    It is reflective of the Hiatus – the death of Our Lady, and darkness sweeping over the land – yet, at the final moment, She is revived, and Her Light spreads over the world in a flash, immediately banishing the darkness. In addition, as I mentioned, this reminded me of the invasion of Sai Herthe by dark powers thousands of years ago – the darkness as the Forces of Darkness, and the diamond of the diamond ring as Sai Rayanna, stepping forth and driving back the demons.

    As for totality itself? At first, I thought “the Sun Herself is being blocked out, this is horrific!” and yet, I realized that this is a human perception. It appears to us that the moon blocks out the sun, and yet, when you look over the larger picture, you see that there is perfect alignment – the sun, moon and earth aligned in harmony. And when you look further, you might even see the alignment of the Solar Intellect, and the Lunar Wisdom – and the darkness, a time of peace, of reflection, when the world is veiled and the people stand in awe and contemplation.

    These are merely my humble reflections on the matter as it unfolded before me – and I must say that this experience changed me for the better. It is as though my own being aligned that day with the Solar Intellect and wisdom, and I feel more connected to Dea and the Motherland than ever before.

    I hope these meanderings may be of interest to whoever reads them.

    In amity,

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    Yuriko Rill

    Rayati Honored Mei-chei,

    It sounds like it was a powerful experience for you. I know that the event was extremely popular in the U.S.

    I personally did not watch the Eclipse. I stayed home with the blinds closed. I also took in anything precious from the garden that was moveable, like my outdoor Maria-sama and my fairy garden. I also made sure all the food in the house was covered. The reason for this is that in my research, traditional people have all avoided eclipses, and it is really only after the “Enlightenment” that people stopped avoiding them and instead began watching them.

    It is a bit difficult to share my view on this, as it is against what most people believe, including other astrologers, even astrologers who try to use traditional or classical methods.

    That being said, it sounds like the Fairies have used the experience to give you a powerful understanding of the power of Light over Darkness, and I do not want to take away from that. My aunt described her experience to me as well. She went to go see the Eclipse against my advice. I suggested that if nothing else, she take a shower or bath afterwards. It turned out that after the Eclipse was over, there was a big thunderstorm, and afterwards she saw a full rainbow for the first time in her life. It seemed like the Fairies themselves gave everyone a cleansing shower at that location!

    I was concerned about the vegetables that were growing in my garden. I took in everything that was likely to need picking over the next couple of days, but as it turned out we also had a big cleansing rain here overnight.

    I still believe that Eclipses are dangerous, and that it is best to avoid them. The difference between Eclipses and Hiatus is that Hiatus happens within the harmony of the Wheel of the Year, while Eclipses occur outside that harmony. Eclipses do have their own larger harmony, which is why they can be predicted, but I think that starts to get beyond matters that we can understand from an un-Enlightened state.

    I have actually been quite nervous about the effects of this particular Eclipse, and the more I study it the more nervous I become. It seems a rather unstable time in Telluria right now, particularly in the United States, and a “Great American Eclipse” would be a powder keg on an already tense situation. Still, it is said that out of the greatest Darkness comes Light, so maybe there will be a return to Light. Even though Eclipses generally represent Darkness, there are many famous stories of repentance surrounding Eclipses.

    I am glad that your experience was positive, Mei-chei, and that you feel closer to Dea and the Motherland because of it. We are all children of our Mother here in the Late Iron Age, with little in the way of Tradition to guide. We trust that Dea will see our hearts and our sincerity, and make up for any deficiencies in our small efforts.

    I apologize if anything I said took away from your experience.

    In Amity,
    Yuriko Rill

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    I am honored to hear your response on the topic! I know now that it is tradition to avoid viewing the Eclipse, though I must shamefully confess that I did not know that before hand. I had made the promise to my family that I should attend with them last year, and so it was not possible for me to back out.

    I am beyond grateful that I walked away doing well. If I am to be honest, I had a feeling that something great would occur this year, and while I am not sure what it is, I remain optimistic. Nevertheless, as you say, in terms of astrology and tradition, this Eclipse does not bode well. Forgive me for saying so, but I pray that your worries turn out to be unfounded. This world does not need anymore darkness, after all!

    Some positive aspects out of my particular foolishness: I finished reading The Feminine Universe while camping, and during the morning while waiting for the Eclipse, I read both Goldenhead and The Flight of the Silver Vixen front to back. Perhaps that is the racinating effect that I felt.

    I must apologize to those reading, to myself, and to Dea; I recognize that my viewing of the Eclipse was a breach of thame, and I am most ashamed. I should have read up before going, and yet, such a thought did not reach my mind. I bend my knee to more legitimate authority and admit that it is far better to stay inside and avoid it; and I am grateful to Great Dea for having watched over me while I foolishly exposed myself to that which is athame.

    And if the original post causes anymaid any sort of discomfort or worry, I will take it down. I was so excited for having experienced a new event, and was so caught up in the energy of the crowd.

    I most deeply apologize for any worry I may have caused.

    I hope that everymaid was able to enjoy the day without seeing the Eclipse!

    In amity,

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    A side note:
    My response had a poor sort of slant to it, from being relatively normal to becoming most apologetic. I most felt the implication of things in the middle of the post and felt the need to express that most immediately.

    And I apologize if I do not make much sense; I ought to be sleeping right now! I am still worn out from travel. I humbly beg your loving indulgence and forgiveness for any mistakes on my part.

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    Yuriko Rill

    Rayati Mei-chei,

    There is no need for apology, nor is there anything to forgive. I do feel bad for taking away from your powerful experience, and I humbly ask your forgiveness for doing so.

    I do not think it was foolish to go, in that pretty much everyone was telling us to go watch, that this was a “once in a lifetime event.” On the day of and the day after the Eclipse, I was trying to do a little more research into the Saros Cycle of this Eclipse, which is the larger harmony behind Eclipses that I talked about, but the NASA site, the site I go to to research these things, had redirected all Eclipse queries to what looked like an Eclipse Party page.

    I truly am glad that you got something positive out of the experience, as am I that my aunt did. You certainly approached in it a way that was more keeping with wanting to be good and in the Light than many. My brunette was at work, and the Eclipse was broadcast, and she said that it was almost like a sportscast, and people seemed to be cheering for the Sun and the Moon. It seems lovely to cheer for the Sun and the Moon, even if it was a bit of an odd context for it.

    Is seeing an Eclipse more poisonous than most of the things Tellurians expose themselves to every day? I do not know. In this late Iron Age, much less is expected of us than was in earlier times.

    As to the negative effects of this Eclipse on the world, I hope that my fears are unfounded as well. Like I said, there are many famous repentance stories around Eclipses as well, so perhaps there will be change in a positive direction. Humans are Axial Beings with Free Will, so they have a choice to turn back to the Light. There are many good people, even in Telluria. Surprisingly many, given all of the pressure to be bad. That is a testament to the power and strength of goodness I think. From what you said, you approached the viewing with an intention to be good, and I think that goes a long way.

    I do apologize for any distress I may have caused you, and that I did not respond to reassure last night. It was late, and I was rather tired myself. I had some tasks I needed to finish before bed, so I planned to respond in the morning.

    So, please do not worry. I am truly sorry as well for any distress I may have caused.

    In Amity,
    Yuriko Rill

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    Please do not apologize! You have not ruined any positivity of the experience, and yet, hearing of the traditional view was very humbling, and I believe was important to realign myself from the modern view of the Eclipse. Your words are a balm to my heart and a great reassurance.

    How to express… This is very humbling. I walked in, as I said, with an understanding of the Eclipse being a poisonous event, and I believe that the energy of the crowd may have acted as a poison by which I was convinced to open myself up. Upon hearing your words, I immediately realized the truth of the matter. I walked out with a positive experience, and yet, I strongly now believe that to have been by the hand of Dea and the Fairies.

    In terms of your fear that this could bode ill – I look at it from the perspective that we are at the end of the cycle. I think that, if we truly are at the end of the cycle, struggle will inevitably occur before the world is renewed. I’m trying to focus on the inevitable renewal to ward off the imminent fear. However, even coming back, I’ve received some disturbing news on a few topics, and I can already see that there has been a negative effect overall.

    Thus, I must humble myself and admit that I rather proudly placed myself outside of thame, and that it was wrong to do so. And I thank you, Rill-san, for sharing your experience, for that was what pulled me back into True Reality.

    It was never your responsibility to reassure me, honored one, so please do not worry! We are only maids, and we all experience tiredness and other tasks that we must attend to. I truly hope you are well rested now, as I feel as though the world itself has taken on a more draining effect over the past few years.

    But I ramble!

    In amity,

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