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    Before I begin I would like to say that I am yet unsure whether or not I consider myself a Daughter of Shining Harmony. I very much relate to the idea of intermorphic gender systems and definitely believe my soul to belong to a feminine world that is very different than Telluria. This has been proven recently when I came to the conclusion that any attempt to describe my Tellurian political leanings was flawed (at least trying to relate them to a widely known Tellurian political system), because what I truly believe has no widely known name in Telluria. I am not Left Wing, nor am I Right Wing, nor am I even a Centrist. I feel as though I belong to an entirely different bird- a feeling I’m sure many of you can relate to. This was a key point in my realising how much sisterhood I could find in this sweet little community.

    Moving on, I was wonder what the Chelouranyan view- or at least the general consensus- is on alcohol intake. Should one avoid it altogether, or is it okay in moderation (a class of champagne or two when celebrating), or is it entirely up to the maid in question to decide for herself what she can handle? I was recently told by someone familiar with the old Aphrodite Cocktail Bar that many a brunette was known to end up rather tipsy after one too many drinks! I am a blonde, though, who enjoys wines and occasionally stronger things, however I no longer ‘binge drink’ to the point where I make myself ill the next day, like I used to up until my ‘awakening’ to my higher nature.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don’t think there is any objection to the use (as opposed to the abuse) of alcohol.

    Some brunettes do tend to drink rather more than blondes on occasion I think. and that’s all right. Personally I don’t really like the feeling of more than a teensy bit of alcohol

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    I am a bit of an exception to the stereotype of the heavy-drinking brunette, I think. I must admit more than one or two drinks just isn’t any fun for me. But then, after one or two drinks it stops being a social lubricant and starts being an anaesthetic, and I’m not fond of anaesthetics. Mind you, I enjoy those one or two drinks thoroughly, when I have them, which isn’t very often.

    The biggest factor for me is the company in which one drinks. Around safe, kindly people, the fuzzy, warm, relaxed feeling of just a teensy drink is a lot of fun and leads to nothing worse than a bit of giggly silliness. Around people whose souls are haunted by a great deal of darkness, it just makes me feel out of control and unsafe. My concern for a blonde drinking moderately isn’t that she would be in any way un-blonde, but rather, would there be someone responsible looking after her?

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    Thank you both, very much! You have certainly helped me come to a conclusion on this.

    I completely agree about ones company affecting their experience drinking, Miss Rosamunda. I have a good example of this, actually. I have a group of friends currently, mainly brunette-like femini, who are some of the most caring and loving people I have ever met. We recently got together and stayed up late drinking red wine, talking about our hopes and fears and enjoying each other’s company. It was one of the best nights I’d had in a while. However, when I used to drink with my old group of friends, I ended up being taken advantage of on more than one occasion, and definitely did not feel safe.

    So luckily, yes, I do have a group of brunette-types watching my back :) I love them all very much.

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    I read this with great interest! I must be very careful with alcohol due to some medications that I am taking, but when I imbibe, I am always careful to plan to do it around people I trust, like your brunette-femini friends, Miss Eriana. And my dear brunette-type friends know that I am trusting them with my safety, so they are extra careful with little blonde me.

    I am so sorry for your awful experiences in the past, Miss Eriana, but I am very happy that you have such dear friends now.

    I also wanted to mention that I was initially surprised by all the cocktails that the intemorphic crew had in Miss Matichei’s book, Flight of the Silver Vixen. I thought if I had been there, I am not sure that I would have been able to stand! But surely those preparing the drinks would have known to add just a smidge of alcohol to mine, or none at all, so that I could celebrate without imperiling myself or the dear brunettes who would be looking after me.

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    Miss Sanae, it sounds like you and I have had very similar experiences, then! I must be careful with it, too, because of my medications.

    Another point: I take care not to drink when I am feeling mentally or spiritually unwell, as it can make one susceptible psychic demonic attacks. Many people in Telluria use alcohol as an anti-depressant of sorts, when really it should only be used when one is feeling mentally stable in order to enhance their social experiences.

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