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An Ever So Slightly Personal Matter + Names

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    Rayati! Please grant me your loving indulgence.

    First, it is only fitting that I should wish everyone a *slightly* early blessed Exaltation/May Day! May Dea bless such a wonderful holiday for us all.

    I beg your forgiveness for bringing a more sad topic onto the forum, but of late there have been concerns with the mascül that my mother was once married to. As such, we are changing our surnames. However, I also wish to change my birth/first name, as it carries many harsh memories, and the aforementioned mascül had a hand in my name being what it is.

    Honored maids, do you have any ideas for names? Tellurian in origin, but perhaps with a more Estrenne tone to them. I originally wished to take the name of my late great grandmother, but as I also bear her middle name, my family is not particularly happy with that decision.

    I thank you so very much for your time! Any suggestions are much appreciated (and I beg your forgiveness if this is too off-topic! I thought it best to consult such lovely and racinated maids on this, as a name bears much significance, and I wish mine to reflect harmony).

    In Amity,

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    Please forgive my late reply.

    I am so sorry you are having such horrible difficulties. I have been thinking about your name question. The one you use here, Mei is very lovely I think. Is that 明 Mei meaning light, made up from the sun and moon kanji?

    I was also thinking about 和子 Kazuko which would mean Child of Harmony, or of Peace.

    Kazuki is another, which could be written in a few ways changing the meaning a little, though of course if you were writing it in Roman characters it could have the implication of all of them. These are

    和輝 bright or shining harmony
    和希 harmony and hope
    和樹 tree of harmony.

    I don’t know if these are appealing to you. I pray for protection, love and happiness for you at this time.

    If you have been having more name ideas, please feel free to discuss them here. I will try not to be so slow.

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    I’ve come to a conclusion about my new name.

    Sushuri-chei, as much as I wish I could take a Japanese name, my family is of English origin and we live in an English country.

    However, I am quite pleased with my choice – Elizabeth.

    I believe it is very beautiful, and it is certainly a classical name. I’m incredibly excited to go through the process of changing it within the next few months!

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    Rayati Mei-san,
    I happen to be very fond of the name Elizabeth, myself. How exciting!

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    May your new name be the one that accompanies you through a life of happiness.

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