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Aphroditism in Chelouranya?

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    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. I am new and I’ll delete it if it does.

    I was looking into old Aristasia (just because I find what they write so fascinating) and I came across the old Aphrodite Cocktail Bar and Aphroditism. I know some of the old ways of Aristasia were carried over into Chelouranya, even though they are very different movements, but was this one one of them? I understand relationships are different in Chelouranya than they are in Telluria. Admittedly wrapping my mind around certain aspects is a little difficult.

    In amity

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    Rayati Miss Venus,
    Oh dear. I don’t wish you to feel neglected, but I’m at a loss as to what exactly it is you are asking. The maidens best equipped to answer you are not exactly available right now, and I came aboard well after the Aphrodite Cocktail Bar. I do hope you get an answer eventually.
    In Amity,
    Elefarya Rosamunda

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    Petite Sorcière

    Rayati Miss Venus,

    I think the problem is that “Aphroditism” was something some people talked about for a while but very much a passing phase. I kind of remember reading the expression in old forums. I haven’t heard it for ages and am not entirely sure what it meant.

    I would think rather than being an old way of Aristasia it was probably more something some Aristasians got interested in at some point. I don’t think anyone much remembers it any more.

    Sorry for a not very illuminating answer. I don’t feel very qualified to discuss the subject as I know so little about it.

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    I’m quite sorry Elefarya Rosamunda-chei. Sometimes I ramble. I guess what I am asking is would that kind of philosophy be appropriate for Chelouranya? I am also inquiring about Chelouranyan relationships and why people do not pair off.

    Petite Sorciere-chei, thank you very much! Your answer has helped me much!

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    Well, as for the reason maidens don’t tend to pair off here…

    If you mean in the marrying sense, you must remember that the Herthelani, including the Far Herthelani, marry at much lower rates than Tellurians. Think a third of the population. It’s just happened so far that by the time the proportion of very active Far Herthelani who might be inclined to marry find Chelouranya, they tend to be already married. The rest? Far less inclined to marry.

    And if you are thinking about the sorts of things I think you’re thinking about, marriage is the only Normal context for them.

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    Miss Venus,

    I am very, very, very new here – I know little about the Aphrodite Cocktail Bar, though it is on my list of research topics. I do not know if I was even all that old when it originated. I’m quite young, only starting my first year of university this fall!

    Nevertheless, I ramble. I think that, and this is perhaps very uninformed, it might come down to the fact that we Herthelani have very different concepts of love.

    It’s discussed on the Chelouranyan site, but Herthelani are very, very social maids, and form very strong bonds amongst one another. I think in Telluria, marriage and romantic relationships are considered the only fulfilling thing, but a Herthelani maid may often find that an amity group is quite fulfilling and suits her independent needs. Of course, marriage does happen on Sai Herthe as well, but as Rosamunda-chei has said, it happens at low rates.

    Overall, I believe it is a matter of cultural difference regarding the view on romantic and other relationships. It is… A very difficult topic to wrap one’s head around at first, I think, simply because we have been so programmed by Telluria to think as they do. I myself had difficulty with it at first. I think that one finds themselves understanding more and more as they immerse themselves in Herthelani literature and the culture here on Shining World, as it has a racinating effect.

    From a personal perspective, while I have a tendency to bond very strongly with many people in close friendships, I also have a tendency towards having the strongest bond with one particular person in a romantic context. So while I do aspire to eventually meeting another maid and being married, I must say that I also aspire to finding a close amity group. Both are, I think, equally important to me.

    I am not sure how other Herthelani maids might think, but this is my rambling thought on the entire question. I may go take a look at the Cocktail Bar tonight just out of curiosity, and to see if I may illuminate myself for my sake, and also to perhaps be better able to answer your question.

    In amity,

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