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Bach's Flower Remedies and Homeopathic Medicine

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    Split from Tellurian Families

    Miss Hilldotter,

    I am curious to learn more about Bach’s Flower remedies. I have never heard of them before and would love to learn more.

    In amity,


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    I’ll give this a try. Bach flower remedies are a form of homeopathic medicine meant specifically for particular emotional states. They are made with flowers either steeped in water or placed in water and then set out in sunlight (think sun tea). The water (now called the mother tincture) is then diluted many times with water and brandy. The end mixture is half brandy, half water, and a tiny bit of flower. You take a few drops of this in water (it’s not even supposed to be enough to change the taste, although I *always* notice) and sip once every five minutes or so. I admit I am pretty ignorant on the theory behind homeopathy, but somehow, this really works to alter unhelpful moods and psychic states – I tried it myself feeling extremely skeptical about the whole thing and I think flower remedies are responsible for getting me through an otherwise very toxic business law class. I like to think the spirits of the dear flowers want to help.

    Different brands are available in a number of natural grocery stores, and the list of all the remedies and what they do can be found here:

    Of particular interest to Chelouranyani and all others who need protection from the Pit are Walnut and Crabapple. They can be taken together, or Walnut taken before entering a situation that might be soul-poisoning in order to keep the poisons out and Crabapple after the situation has passed in order to purge any poisons that got through. These are harmless and useful remedies, generally inexpensive (expect an outlay of $7-$15 for a bottle that lasts months) and at the very least worth trying.

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    Myriam Hildotter

    Thank you, Elefarya-chei, for describing Bach’s Flower Remedies so well!  They really are amazing.

    Homeopathy is a modern name for a very old theory of medicine, which is healing by Similars.  Healing by Similars is using medicine and other techniques to strengthen the strong parts of the patient.  Until the Rationalist Revolution, even in West Telluria, this was the preferred method of treatment.

    Most medical practitioners were also astrologers, and would generally cast charts as a supplement to observing the patient and the patient’s symptoms.  The astrological charts were usually cast for the disease itself, and they were called decumbiture charts.  The physician would use both observation and the chart to determine what planetary principles were at work, either in a helpful manner or toxic manner.  Plants and other herbal remedies would be chosen for their Janyatic associations to either strengthen the helpful principles or to combat the ones that had become toxic.  Strengthening the helpful principles was called healing by Similars and combating the toxic principles was called healing by Contraries.  It was considered best to heal by Similars.  The process was slower but the patient generally experienced a more complete cure and there were far greater risks involved.  Only when the disease or other ailment had gone too far to be treated with Similars were Contraries supposed to be used.

    Modern West Tellurian medicine is generally based on antipathy, or an antagonistic model, which in the past would be considered healing by Contraries.  Treatments are used to combat the disease rather than strengthen the patient.  Homeopathy, at least in theory, is based on healing by Similars.  In a sense, taking vitamins is a form of homeopathic medicine.  Sadly, I only really know the theory behind homeopathy, I do not have much knowledge of specific homeopathic remedies or practices.  I also do not know that modern Western homeopathic practitioners are aware of the Janyatic principles (although I could be wrong).

    I think that the Bach’s flower remedies were developed through observation and testing, rather than through knowledge of the Janyatic principles at work or the metaphysics involved.  As far as I can tell using a spot check of the associations with the planetary principles, though, they seem consistent, and based on a homeopathic rather than an antagonist model.  Some of them are quite interesting.  Walnut, it seems is associated with both Sushuri and Mati…so, using a Janyatic model, it would protect through Love and Light!

    Oh yes, and another interesting thing.  It was an assumption of Ancient cultures that one could tell the properties of a plant, tree, herb, or flower by its visual appearance.  The reason for this is based on the belief that Dea had placed us in manifestation, so She would give us everything we needed for survival in manifestation….and She would make it easy for us to know what we needed.  She would not hide that information from us.

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