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    Mission Control

    Here are some tips to help you get the best out of the Shining World forums:

    1. Go where you want to go! Have you ever clicked on a new forum post and found yourself at the beginning of the topic (thread)? Especially annoying if the thread is several pages long and the post you wanted is at the other end. The answer is simple:


    If you want to go to the topic, click the topic’s name (in the above example “Typing Japanese”). If you want to go to the particular post, click its time-stamp (circled above). It isn’t blue like the other links, so it sometimes confuses people. But it’s simple once you know how.

    Incidentally, if you want to go to the group you can click its small icon. The forum name to the right of that takes you, of course, to that forum’s front page.

    Note on “old” topics. If you are browsing and find an old topic you would like to comment on, do not hesitate, even if it is archived. Shining World does not discourage “reviving” old topics. If it was ever worth discussing it is worth continuing now.

    2. Insert kinematics in forum posts. There is currently no button for inserting a kinematic in a forum post, which sometimes leaves people wondering how it can be done. The answer is that it is perhaps too easy for its own good! All you do is paste the exact YouTube (or most other services) direct link to the kinematic and Shining World will automatically display the kinema itself when you post. For best results, you should insert the link as a separate line.

    3 About the Sidebar. As you may have noticed the Shining World sidebar changes when you are in the Groups/Forums area. It shows recently active topics and allows you to search the forums.

    4. Why New and Shining? This is not limited to the forums, but some people wonder why we have the main sidebar feed “New and Shining Things” since it is similar to the front-page activity feed (Home tab). The answer is that it is not quite the same and serves to make the site more browsable. For example, it does not include the Japanese forums or non-group updates and does include feeds of comments and posts from sister sites. This means that you will find extra things in the sidebar. Also at times when the front page is filled with Japanese discussion or personal updates you can quickly find other material via the sidebar.

    Is anything puzzling you about how to use Shining World? Do you have any tips of your own to contribute? Please reply below.

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