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Maxie wa yoriyoi mokusei ni naritai

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    Hikari Maxie

    I decided to start a new thread because I was sick of seeing my bad Japanese in the title; for reference, the original thread is here:

    Maxie Motto Ii Mokusei ni Naritai

    I have a lot to report!

    First of all, I have been muchuu (very absorbed) in the motto tsuyoku, yasashiku, utsukushiku (strongly, kindly, beautifully) from Go! Princess Precure. I found out that this is the motto of women’s judo and the revered Fukuda Keiko-sensei, as described here.

    In the second episode of Go! Princess, one of the fairies says:

    ‘A true princess must at all times embody strength, kindness, and beauty. Only a princess who dedicates herself to those qualities can become a true saviour.’

    This really called to me. I too want to dedicate myself to the qualities of strength, kindness, and beauty, and learn to embody them at all times.

    In the opening of the series, the qualities are associated with the following colours (it is a little hard to see here because the sound is out of sync, but watch the hands):

    Tsuyosa – Strength – Yellow (very Solar, very solar plexus, and irrepressibly cheerful, as the ganbaru spirit often is. Can represent both the fire of mokusei no tsuyosa and the golden radiance of kinsei no tsuyosa.)

    Yasashisa – Kindness – Blue (the colour of Thamelic harmony and chivalry; also the healing and calming powers of water, the nurturing embrace of the mother Sea Goddess and the protective mantle of Our Lady, Star of the Sea.)

    Utsukushisa – Beauty – Pink (because of course. The association with Sai Sushuri and therefore love and the heart is very relevant, because this word also refers to the inner beauty of a pure, open and loving heart.)

    So I have created a few things to help me with this. One is this yellow, blue and pink flower wallpaper with Fukuda-sensei’s calligraphy of tsuyoku, yasashiku, utsukushiku (do feel free to pinch this!)

    I also have a little note on my desktop saying:

    Watashi wa tsuyosa desu

    Watashi wa yasashisa desu

    Watashi wa utsukushisa desu

    tsuyoku, yasashiku, utsukushiku

    Before you correct my Japanese, I shall explain! These are I AM statements. ‘I AM Strength. I AM Kindness. I AM Beauty.’ They are a kind of prayer that connects the speaker with her Divine self that embodies every good quality. In this world of illusory separation from Dea, we often yearn for qualities like strength, kindness, and beauty as something outside ourselves, and forget that we hold all of their divine power within us. I AM statements help us to remember, which works a sort of magic, because of course when one believes one embodies a quality, one does.

    I am saying these statements in Japanese because I expect them to be much more powerful in a sacred language. I repeat them many times every day, out loud if possible.

    And here is the final element… Strong, Kind, and Beautiful Deed Beads!

    Three linked strings of slide-able yellow, blue and pink beads

    It is not a very good photo, but these are acrylic rose beads strung together sort of in the style of St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s Good Deed Beads (Aside: I think she could be the patron saint of blondes, and St. Joan of Arc could be the patron saint of brunettes… St. Thérèse had a great devotion to St. Joan and saw her as a sister, and I like to imagine the two of them falling into each other’s arms in tears of joy when St. Thérèse got to heaven. In fact, I am crying right now thinking about it!)

    Ahem. Anyway. The point of this invention is that when you do a strong, kind, or beautiful deed, you pull a bead of the appropriate colour along the string. I have pulled a few in the picture. And you can count the absolute tiniest things if you want to. If getting out of bed in the morning takes strength, you can count it. And reminding yourself to sit up straight, or noticing some beautiful spring flowers and taking a moment to thank Dea for them, can count as a deed of beauty.

    This little reward, this little act of noticing when I do something right, not only motivates me but also helps me realise how much I already embody these qualities in my daily life (and of course, the more I realise I do, the more I do.) It is quite astonishing how many little positive acts I had been dismissing and ignoring because they were not big enough or fast enough or perfect enough. And the great thing is that it works even on bad days. On a day when every action feels incredibly difficult, every action is an act of strength!

    So that is tsuyoku, yasashiku, utsukushiku. And the second thing that happened was that I walked 11.5 miles for free clothes. (You can see how these qualities are getting under my skin already!)

    As I have mentioned before, I am working on acquiring a wardrobe and other brunette needs on a £3 a week Brunette Budget. So you can imagine my excitement when I read of a local ‘Give and Take’ event where one can dispose of unwanted clothes and take home other people’s unwanted clothes for free. And you can imagine my disappointment when I managed to show up late and found that nearly everything had gone!

    I found out that these events take place once or twice a week in a different part of London each time, and that there was one the following day nearly six miles away. Not having any bus fare, I decided to walk there, and this time I arrived right on time! The whole adventure from start to finish took six hours, and was quite a spiritual experience, as I was repeating my mantras most of the way and checking off my beads whenever I did some small positive act like saying a prayer or picking up speed when I was tired.

    I came home with a bag of lovely clothes, including a dress, a skirt, and most importantly a hat. It is a cloche hat and it just makes sense out of me somehow. I put it on my head, looked in the mirror, and Brunette Maxie looked back! It transformed my body language and somehow just made everything all right. I already have a jacket that goes with it perfectly too. I took some photos of myself in the clothes, complete with makeup and nicely styled hair, and sent my blonde oneechan a little ‘fashion show’. I am going to have to quote her because I was just over the moon at her reply:

    ‘You look amazing!! I approve… This new style fits you like a glove!! And I really like your hair too. You have style and you have taste! I really feel that you are finding your own style.’

    She is so elegant, hearing her say that just about sent me to heaven! So I am planning to keep attending these events and build the majority of my wardrobe that way (and bring along some of my ‘pit pyjamas’ in return!) Then I can use my Brunette Budget either for travel to the more distant events, or for accessories and more specific things. This week, knee highs! Oh my goodness…

    Actually going out fully dressed in this style is a hurdle I have yet to cross, but I think I will enjoy it when I manage it.

    And finally (oh dear, are you still with me?) there is Tenshi no uchi and my blonde oneechan. She is feeling very alone at the moment after some trouble with strange furry-faced beings, and I am on a different continent from her. So I suggested that we should set up a notional household together, with an American branch and a UK branch, and since we both call each other ‘Angel’ it should be Tenshi no uchi. It would help both of us to feel together and at home no matter where we are. She was delighted with the idea! I have not done much with it yet, though, so with Moura coming up I think my discipline will be to maintain a clean and tidy home. This means getting it clean and tidy before the start of Moura, which is no small task!

    I think there are three levels to my relationship with her. One is the actual talking-to-each-other level. I am quite happy with my performance on this level (even more so since joining here, which has given me permission to be as sweet as I feel like being.) I send her a cheerful and loving email to wake up to every morning, encourage her to share her troubles with me at any hour of the day or night despite the time difference between us, and thank her with heartfelt gratitude when she does. She really appreciates it and it makes her feel very loved, which is much needed at the moment.

    However, being one of those sorts of brunettes who throws ki around a lot, I have a couple more levels to think about, and I am not so satisfied with my performance on those levels. Level two is sending healing and supportive ki to her to help her through the many challenges she faces. I do this quite a lot, but not anywhere near as much as I would like, because of disorganisation and allowing my own ki to get so low that I don’t feel like it (and it is really not a good idea to send ki when you don’t feel like it, because it will be pretty shabby ki and you will probably feel even less like it next time.)

    Level three is keeping my own ki high, not only because of that, but also because we are so connected that my ki affects hers and vice versa. So this is something I really want to work on in order to be the best brunette I can be for her (and for many, many other reasons besides!) Having a connected household and working to keep it clean and tidy is sort of a picture of this, because when there is a mess in my uchi it spills over into her uchi too, and whatever I do to shine up my own uchi brings a little sparkle into hers…

    Anyway, I have really gone on a lot and it is bedtime for me, but if you have read all my ramblings, thank you so much and I would be delighted to know your thoughts!

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    Yuriko Rill

    おつかれさま でした。

    えらい です ね。

    がんばって ください!

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      Hikari Maxie

      ありがとうございます!  Thank you so much for your kind words. My goodness, I did something えらい again? Between you and me, Rill-san, I think I find it easier to do えらい things than simple everyday things… I obviously have no choice but to make my everyday life えらい!!!

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    What an excellent arrangement for getting clothes. I have had rather a lot of experience with dressing on a near‐zero budget. One of the things I find is that West Telluri sometimes tend to throw out their best things almost unworn while they go in rags. Very strange people.

    Maybe one ought to mention it to them. But then they might stop doing it which would be unfortunate for us. Do you think they haven’t noticed or … what? Aliens, ne. I wonder if they also eat banana peel and throw away the bananas.

    A joined uchi seems a very good idea. I don’t actually feel I “live” where my current body is parked anyway. I love all the beautiful things anywhere I go, but the culture is so alien I can’t feel I am “there” in any real sense, other than ‐ being in a physical place. Japan was an exception, I have to say. But still alien. It wasn’t that I belonged there (I clearly didn’t) but just that I didn’t so absolutely not belong if that makes sense.

    Anyway that is an aside. I am thinking that non‐spatially‐limited uchi are perfectly possible, especially when one isn’t rooted in one’s physical location anyway.

    A cloche. How adorable. You know I have tried cloches because they look so jinky but I just look dreadful in them. They don’t suit me at all. I am glad they suit you. If I ever find one I’ll have to send it your way!

    Becoming a quality is quite an interesting thought and I think powerful. You seem to be doing so well! がんばって ください!

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    Hikari Maxie

    ‘Aliens, ne.’ That is too perfect, I shall have to adopt it.

    I think it is probably a Goblin Police thing. People buy these things because they like them, but then get too embarrassed to wear them. I feel embarrassed even sitting up straight in public, in case it looks as if I am being arrogant or disdainful.

    Thank you so much for your praise and support of all my ideas. I would like to post a long rambling reply to everything you have said, but I am trying to get back on my timetable and my bedtime alarm has just gone off, so… bedtime! おやすみなさい!

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    Petite Sorcière

    The Goblin Police. That could well be it couldn’t it. It certainly makes sense of the long‐standing mystery of why West Telluri buy nice things but do not wear them.

    Honored Sushuri‐chei’s remarks about not “living” where the flavvie happens to be parked is related to this I think. That is why we do wear those clothes and find it hard to understand why the natives don’t. I think one is affected by the Goblin Police (especially in their “atmospheric” form rather than individual bullies) in proportion to how much one is identified with local culture. Oddly a large sub‐section of West Telluri natives tend to think of themselves as non‐attached “wanderers”. But as we have seen with “Otherkin” those ones are generally just as attached as the rest of them.

    (I do think current West Telluria does not provide its natives with the kind of “identity” a healthy culture does and that is the reason for a lot of the aberrancy and alienation, but that dysfunctionality is all part of the package).

    I recall when I was relocating from one bit of Telluria to another that official‐type aliens talked about my “emigrating”. To me that term seemed as meaningless and preposterous as if they had said “teleporting”.

    To “emigrate” from somewhere, presumably one has to have lived there in the first place. To have participated in its life, had some kind of attachment to its culture ‐ been there in some sense more than a stone is there. Of course I had loved the trees, but I love all trees everywhere.

    But “emigrating”? All I was doing was moving from one bit of an alien world to another. Not leaving a place that was in any sense part of me, or I of it.

    I think this is why the Goblin Police don’t affect us very much. When we are not sure who we are they might a bit. When we have no people of our own to strengthen us we might just want to keep our heads down in case they get shot off.

    As Herthelani we are very sensitive to public opinion. But not at all to alien opinion. And that isn’t really a “not taking any notice of you” attitude. It is much more that we don’t understand them, don’t feel part of them and don’t regard them as “the public” any more than we regard Trobriand Islanders as “the public”. Their mere proximity makes no difference to our perception of them as aliens.

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    Hikari Maxie

    Honored Miss Sorciere, thank you for your perspective. My own susceptibility to ‘alien opinion’ has varied wildly over the years from almost total disregard to almost permanent embarrassment, but then I am still not sure if I am Herthelani. I have experienced a bit of the alienation you describe, particularly in childhood, but not nearly as intensely, I think.

    I would like to apologise to everyone for not having been around much lately. I have been trying to spring-clean my house for Moura (which I decided to do before knowing it was traditional!) I had my dates wrong and did not realise it was Moura Eve until late at night, so my plan to have it all tidy before Moura started went up in smoke! Since then it has been taking me all my time to get almost nowhere. I think I have some ki trouble! Hopefully I will have it all finished by the end of tomorrow and will be able to join in the Japanese forums and Renga fun (if it is not disrespectful to call it fun – I mean sacred and serious fun, of course.)

    On the upside, I have been out properly dressed, and have started preparing proper, varied meals three times a day as part of Tenshi no Uchi. Previously my eating habits were just terrible. In my mind, I am cooking for both myself and my blonde oneechan (I know the blonde is supposed to do the cooking, but this particular blonde is not fond of it) and it makes such a difference to my yaruki. So I am not sure why the same effect has not been working with house cleaning… possibly because I have been distracted by going muchuu over cooking, shopping and menu planning.

    And on a much more serious upside, I realised that if it looks like a brunette who wants to be a Brunette Princess and quacks like a brunette who wants to be a Brunette Princess, it probably is a brunette who wants to be a Brunette Princess.

    Ahem. I had better explain. (Quickly because I was supposed to be in bed 25 minutes ago.) When I was younger, my dream was to be a prince like Utena, and I failed terribly. I really broke my heart over it, and it still affects how I see myself and how high I dare to aspire. So I have been telling myself very convincingly that, ‘Well, yes I want to live by the ideals of tsuyoku, yasashiku, utsukushiku, and yes that is defined in ‘Go! Princess’ as wanting to be a princess, but that doesn’t mean I want to be a Brunette Princess or anything!’ And then last night it struck me that the whole show is about hope and dreams and that I have let my dream turn into a Zetsuborg. So I admitted to myself that yes, I do want to be a Brunette Princess, and I felt tremendous joy and release of power.

    Of course, since to be a princess is to embody the qualities of strength, kindness and beauty at all times and not even my beloved blonde oneechan does that, I might be the rest of my life trying but that is the Way, isn’t it?

    Oh dear, I really must go to bed!

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    Yuriko Rill

    I am not sure if you have gotten through any of the Precure series far enough to see this yet, but there are two things that make a regular girl into a Precure.  These two things are having something important enough to protect and never, never giving up.  No matter how many times a Precure is knocked down and no matter how hopeless a situation seems, she NEVER, EVER gives up.

    まもって みせる (literally, “I will protect and show you,” but the more natural English translation would be something along the lines of “I will definitely protect…”)

    ぜったいに あきらめない!(I/we will definitely not give up!)

    As you start to hear more and more Japanese, you will hear these phrases a LOT.

    We all make mistakes and fail at times.  That is not the important thing.  The important thing is always getting back on your feet!


    Oh…and by the way, it is quite common for brunettes to do the cooking.  Intemorphic relationships are not the same as schizomorphic ones.  My spouse is a far better cook than I, even though now I am doing most of the cooking because she has an outside job and I do not.  Brunettes tend to be much more rooted in the material world than blondes, so tend to have more practical skills in general.  Heee…there are some blondes who really ought not to cook (for everyone’s health and safety).  There was a time I was one of those blondes.  I have learned a lot since that time, although I still set off the fire alarm from time to time <blush>.

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    Funny story – my very first Moura I decided my discipline was going to be getting up at dawn and cleaning the house for an hour every morning. I failed horribly!

    The truth is I have a very hard time mustering my ki in the hestia. I dash about in the agora doing everything, and then I get home and all I want to do is be のびのび like a flan on a plate. If you find the solution to this, let me know.

    Of course, Rill-san is 100% right about あきらめない.

    I also dearly love to cook.

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    Wavering between unconcern and embarrassment is fairly normal I would say. We (certainly Novaryans I am not sure about more Westerly peoples) are very prone to embarrassment so we tend to feel it easily, and on other occasions be aware that we are not actually in a social setting of our own people and feel too detached to care.

    I think people can go through various attempts to find some kind of rooting, looking at different groups and maybe trying to convince oneself that this one is all right. The common factor is that in the end none of them are and we don’t really fit. We can get quite a bit closer away from current West Telluri influence though.

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    Hikari Maxie

    I am back and I am so sorry for my long disappearance. I know my behaviour has been completely enormate and all I can do is beg you all to forgive me.

    I am not sure quite how much of what I’ve been going through is FoD attack and how much is just Moura, but the FoD have definitely been about, persuading me to isolate myself (just as in the article honoured Rill-san kindly linked to) and going on and on and on about how incapable I was of doing absolutely anything and how urgently I needed to do it right now anyway. This resulted in round-the-clock futile ‘trying’, epic sleep loss, ingesting huge amounts of internet poison and getting so demoralised that walking to the kitchen for a drink of water became a long struggle requiring prayer and determination. I have bouts of this sort of thing anyway, but this was a particularly bad one. Not that that is an excuse because it was clearly explained to me early on that I shouldn’t isolate myself while going through this, and I still did.

    The positive side of this is that, being completely on my own and not feeling able to do much other than think, I did a lot of thinking, and of a very Moura-ish nature. I realised that both my collapse and my ‘brunette princess’ yearnings were pointing to the same underlying spiritual need: to unite myself with Dea, to embody Dea. I got there by thinking about the qualities of strength, kindness and beauty – clearly (to me anyway) the highest form of strength is heroism, and the highest form of kindness is unconditional love, but what is the highest form of beauty (inner and outer) that a maid can embody? The only answer I could find was the radiant beauty of Dea. The fullest expression of Dea within a human form. In other words, enlightenment.

    Once I started thinking about this, I realised that my extreme stuckness was also an expression of longing for reunion with Dea, and being absolutely completely sick up to here of trying to live from my ego instead of letting Dea live through me. I think I need to consecrate myself fully to Dea, place her fully at the head of my little household, and be really clear that my mission in life is not just to support my oneechan, but for my oneechan and I to support each other in serving Dea, offering ourselves and everything we do to Her, and becoming fuller and more perfect expressions of Her day by day.

    Of course, one does not jump immediately from total stuckness to total surrender to Dea, but I have been taking steps in that direction and have had a few realisations:

    Her maternal care and attention are available to me at every moment, in a way that no human mother’s can be beyond the first years of life.

    She wants and delights in me as I am and my service as it is, even if it takes me all day to do one tiny positive thing for Her.

    She sees the divine perfection and power of my true nature, beyond any negative actions, thoughts or feelings I might have, and can remind me of it when I forget.

    So much of my bad behaviour is simply an expression of unhappiness. A healthy able-bodied adult doesn’t spend hours struggling to do the simplest thing when she is happy. I need to become happier! For Dea!

    And so much of my unhappiness is about my bad behaviour. I need to let go of the burden of guilt and ego-based struggle, and trust in Dea to forgive and transform me. (That doesn’t mean to stop trying, but to try in Dea rather than alone, if that makes any sense, and with a feeling of peace, faith, and hope rather than tension and desperation.)

    I am planning to do a little something to mark my consecration to Dea. I was originally going to do it on March 25th, which is the feast of the Annunciation (I have a strong attachment to Mother Mary as my favourite aspect of Dea; I don’t see Her as subordinate to a masculine God.) But today I’m feeling a desire to do it during the eclipse, to time the rebirth of Light in me with the reappearance of Sai Raya. It’s not appropriate to commit oneself more fully to Dea on Hiatus, is it?

    On one level I am tempted to go with my intuitive feelings (especially if oneechan approves – I haven’t discussed it with her yet) but on another level, given the massive amount of Moura ki I got, I suspect I am in no position to ignore Hiatus and would not want to. In a way it is very cheering to think I am in harmony with Chelouranya enough to be affected by the rhythms of its year. It’s an honour I have done little enough to deserve lately!

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    Kawaii inu‐chan!

    Welcome back, honored Hikari‐chei. Rather zoomingly busy at mome, but I really thought I should mention that

    a) Eclipses are very ill‐omened times for starting anything

    b) Hiatus is the most ill‐omened time for starting anything.

    On Hiatus, the day which is no day, we cover all statues of Dea and try to speak and act as though there were no future. We try as far as possible to avoid doing anything of importance and above all, starting anything that would be expected to blossom in a future.

    It would really be best to wait until the new year now. This is the dying of the year and not a propitious time.

    Incidentally, Culverine 5 (March 25) is this festival.

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      Hikari Maxie

      Thank you, Sushuri-chei! I am really happy to hear from you. Hope you are less busy now. Ganbatte kudasai! I do appreciate your taking the time to drop me this note, especially as I was going off on such an unfortunate course!

      I had absolutely no idea that the original day I had chosen was a Chelouranyan festival as well (and what an appropriate one!) How funny that my second intuition was so wrong and yet my first one was so right. This is a very encouraging quincy both for my intention to commit myself more to Dea, and for my belonging here.

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    Yuriko Rill

    Welcome back!  It is so good to hear from you.


    The FoD’s are incredibly consistent in their tricks and wiles, and in their timing.  You poor darling.  It seems like you have had a rough time of it lately.  All of us have had our battles with the FoD’s, and the important thing is that no matter how many times we are knocked down, we always get back up.

    ぜったいに あきらめない!

    I will reiterate what Sushuri-chei said in that Hiatus is a very ill-omened time for starting anything, as is an eclipse.  Put them together and the ill omens multiply exponentially.  Indeed, I think that a careful observance of Hiatus, as Sushuri-chei described above, is particularly important to protect us from the ill effects that can happen with an eclipse.  Hiatus is a day out of time for us.  It is not on our calendar.  Our calendar ends on Kala, the day before Hiatus, and the new one does not begin until Easter.  It would seem to me that if we observe Kala properly, the eclipse will not occur for us in the same way as for those for whom it is a regular day.

    I would write more, but it is late here, and I still have not finished my Anki

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    Hikari Maxie

    Thank you, Rill-san, it is very good to hear from you too! I really appreciate your care and understanding. One of the things that I was worrying about was that you all were such ganbaru hito that you simply wouldn’t understand how a normally cheerful and lively brunette could just lie down and let herself be kicked. And that it would be pointless and humiliating coming here to get told to ganbaru when my problem was that I could not ganbaru and how could I ganbaru about being unable to ganbaru when I couldn’t ganbaru?! (It’s funny now…) But now that I am back here and you are being so nice to me, it seems quite clear that all this is FoD nonsense. Really, they might as well stick their tongues out and go blblblbl for all the sense they make. In fact, I think that is pretty much what they do do… hee!

    Thank you too for your advice about Hiatus. I shall definitely put off starting anything until afterwards!

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      Yuriko Rill

      Ah…but you did ganbaru, didn’t you?  Otherwise, you would not have gotten back up and come back.  おめでとうございます!

      Sometimes ganbaru can be getting out of bed in the morning, if that is all you can do.  Sometimes, that is even too much, and you can do is sit up.  The point is to do your best, whatever your best might be in the moment.

      You are right about the FoD’s.  I love your image!  I am sure you have watched enough Precure to notice how surprised the villians are when the Precure get back up after what looks like certain defeat!

      Anyways, again…welcome back.  Off to do my Anki (spaced repetition flashcards).

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        Hikari Maxie

        ありがとう, Rill-san, it really means a lot to me that you think I did ganbaru. Your concept of ganbaru is so much more gentle, forgiving, and expansive than mine and feels much more right somehow. I think I have been poisoned by the West Tellurian association of effort with grimness and productivity, rather than happiness, natural ki, and the Way. I had been reading ‘ganbaru’ as ‘force, force, force yourself to your absolute last gasp’ and thought if I was doing less than that then it wasn’t ganbaru. Which I think is an overly Vikhelic perspective and completely obscures the Sushuric perspective where as long as you tried, your Mother will be proud of you. Where you can release your worries, guilt, and attachment to results and just run joyfully forward (as in the opening of approximately 99% of all Japanese kinnies… that can’t be a coincidence!) and when you fall down, just have a cry and scramble up again because it’s not our place as maids to worry about the results or how good at things we are – only to keep running. Am I right?

        If so, that would make sense of the preponderance of ぶきような heroines who have no obvious talents and struggle to achieve even average competence. In West Tellurian media I think such characters are there in a spirit of ‘This Loser Is You’ or kawaii haplessness with no underlying message (and some Japanese shounen media stray into that territory too) but the true shoujo heroine is like that in order to throw her ganbaru spirit into sharp relief and remind us that what makes a heroine is her devotion to the Way, not how good her hiking boots are or how many times she falls over. (I know, ななころび やおき!)

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          Yuriko Rill

          Yes, I think that is right.

          Along with the concept of ganbaru is the idea of 一生懸命, isshoukenmei, which is doing something with all of your might.  Doing something 一生懸命 is joyful, and not grim in the least.

          In Japanese thought, and in our own as Chelouranyans, the Way and the manner in which something is done is far more important than the actual results.  As you say, the clumsy heroine is heroic because she does not have special skills or abilities.  By the same token, if the very skillful maid does not use her skills 一生懸命 and with love, her results, no matter how skillful, do not have the same value.

          Western thinking is very results focused, I think, which I have read is a huge source of difficulty and misunderstanding between Western and Japanese business people.

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          Hikari Maxie

          Thank you, Rill-san! I love this idea of doing things 生懸命 and with love. I gather that was Akari-san’s ‘special spice’!

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    Honoured Hikari-chei,

    Welcome back! I want to congratulate you on your decision to dedicate your life to Dea, as well as suggest something that I tried last night that helped me.

    I was having a particularly difficult day yesterday. When the FoD are affecting me, I can usually tell by my sudden decline in motivation, which seems quite similar to your own experience. The FoD are very anti-ganbaru, I think.

    Anyways, as you had mentioned saying mantas before, I found that this one in particular helped me as a devotee of Durga-sama:

    “Om Dum Durgayei Namaha”

    After only a few repetitions of this beautiful mantra, I already felt more protected from the influence of the FoD and gained more confidence in myself to not let myself be affected by the negativity.

    Mantras are really very helpful because they fill your mind with pure power of light and do not allow room for pesky negativity.

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    Hikari Maxie

    Oh, thank you, Miss Rose! It is lovely to see you again. I am sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday, and glad to hear that your beautiful mantra helped you. I hope you feel better today. I think you are quite right that they are very anti-ganbaru!

    It is a very strange coincidence because I had just been thinking about mantras myself, and wondering if I should ask minasan to correct my dodgy Japanese translations of two in particular. Now I definitely will! One of these is one of ours, and I would not be at all surprised if someone had put this in Japanese already:

    Marya, O Marya, enter my heart as Thy Love

    Which I think would be something like:

    マリア、オー マリア、あなたの愛として心に来てください

    The other is an old Catholic prayer of dedication to Mary, and I am going to give you the Latin as well as the English because I would not be at all surprised if we had some Latin scholars here!

    “Totus tuus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt. Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria.” (“I belong entirely to you, and all that I have is yours. I take you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart”)

    完全 に あなた の もの です,

    と 私 の すべて を あなた に.

    あなた を 私 の すべて に 取ります.

    マリアさま、あなた の 心 をください.

    (I couldn’t resist a ‘Maria-sama no kokoro’ reference!) I would be very grateful for any corrections on either of these – I am sure there are some kawaii mistakes!

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