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Nature and the Axial Being

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    Rayati everyone,

    I was watching a short kinnie of various animals being adorable when I saw a small owl having its head scratched by several fingers at once of a lady’s immaculately manicured hand. As it closed its eyes in bliss I thought to myself, “Well, there’s that nonsense about everything creatures do being related to physical survival blown to bits, then. There’s no way that anything comparable in the wild would be good for that little owl – the only reason that owl could possibly like that is because it’s Good and loving on its own.”

    That got me thinking about the very grave responsibility we have as Axial beings to *not aim down*, because nature so often follows us. It isn’t just ecology the way West Tellurians tend to limit it, but everything we do, because nature is spiritually tied to us. I had the idea, then, “If what you’re wearing doesn’t look at least as good on you as a cat’s fur does on it, isn’t that the definition of tamasic?”

    What do you think?

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    Yuriko Rill

    So very true!  So very true!

    Heee…but…according to my own cats, it would be impossible for a mere maid to wear anything that would come close to as good as their own fur.  My cats are a bit vain, I am afraid!

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