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Questions about racinated clothing

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    I have a question about rancinated clothing. Do some brunettes dress “edgier” but still stay rancinated? If so how would that look?

    Would Otome kei be considered rancinated? I’ve been interested in the fashion for its practicality in the workplace.

    Thank you and with love always,

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    Rayati Miss Venus,
    My racinated wardrobe is developing extremely slowly due to material concerns, so I don’t know if I have the expertise to really speak to this topic, but here are a few thoughts:

    There is a little article here that theorizes that otome-kei is more of a natural philosophical outgrowth of the last racinated Western styles than the fashions that actually followed them in West Telluria. As far as otome-kei remains feminine, graceful, and neat, I’m inclined to approve.

    As for edginess…hm. I don’t think most brunettes seek to be “edgy” on purpose, but what I do think is that brunette styles can look a bit different from blonde styles – though there is lots of overlap. When one thinks of a dashing brunette, one tends to think of pinstripes and dark colors, crisp lines, jaunty hats, and thick, durable suiting. Or, if she’s of a more dramatic bent, perhaps bold reds or blues or greens and military-inspired details such as frogging, brass buttons, and gold braid. How these things are to be acquired outside of civilization, I don’t know.

    Of course, the Quirrie motorcycle gang in Flight of the Silver Vixen had a lot of fun in their leather jackets and skirts, but it was a bit of a rebellious style – though, as we read later, much of their seemingly rebellious trappings were simply old-fashioned raihiran hearts in young minds lacking the wisdom to fit gracefully in modern Caere. One wonders if all that black leather wasn’t simply a substitute for armor…

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