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Racinated Novels

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    Rayati, honored ones!
    I was unsure if this thread would be best suited here, or in Worlds of Light – my sincere apologies if I have chosen incorrectly!
    I am an avid reader, and was wondering if any maids knew of more racinated authors or works? I thought perhaps Jane Austen might be good, based on her works I have read in the past.
    Please grant me your loving indulgence!
    In Amity,

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    Rayati Mei-san!
    Fortunately, I happen to have created a (very partial) reading list for a maiden who had to go have her childhood over again to grow up properly. And here it is!

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    Madeira Darling

    I personally always very much liked Mischievous Meg (by the same author as Pippi Longstocking) and I think the Auntie Mame books are quite lovely and charming and funny. I also have a fondness for mystery novels although of course they deal with some rather unpleasant subjects, but I find the triumph of good over evil to be very soothing and pleasant (Agatha Christie is a particular favorite).

    I also think there’s a lot to be said for traditional works like Journey To The West and the Mahabharata and Ramayana, also of course the beautiful classic the Tale Of Genji.

    I also read a lot of classical literature and quite like the plays of Euripides and Aristophanes and the works of Homer.

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