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Racinated Perfumes

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    Madeira Darling

    I’m a great lover of perfume and I was wondering what other maids liked? I tend to prefer pre-eclipse perfumed, especially Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew, Molinard’s Habanita and Nirmala, Gres’s Cabochard and Guerlain’s Shalimar (actually Guerlain’s just about anything, they’re marvelous in my opinion).

    Many modern fragrances smell of room-spray to me, or artificial imitations of desserts

    Also do you think fragrances and such are gendered in the motherland (where some scents are more appropriate to blondes and others more appropriate to brunettes? If so what do you think is which?)

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    Rayati Miss Darling,
    I prefer essential oils myself, because I find artificial scents rather irritating. Rose is of course my absolute favorite, but I am fond of lavender and sandalwood as well. I feel as though certain “woody” resiny scents are rather more associated with brunettes than blondes in the Motherland (though amber is a nice, priestessy smell that wouldn’t be at all out of place on a blonde Haiela), but floral scents are worn by everyone. What a sad and strange world it would be if half the population was forbidden to adorn themselves with flowers, ne!

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    Rayati to you both!

    I ask for your kindness for my late reply.

    I love perfumes! Especially the lovely bottles that resemble little potion bottles.

    I, too, prefer essential oils, as my body is very sensitive to chemicals. I concur with what you have said, Honoured Miss Rosamunda, about the scents. It makes a lot of sense to me. :) I have made a pretty little perfume out of lavender, cedarwood, and rose essential oils blended together in some avocado oil, that I love so much.

    In Amity.

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    If I may revive this, I would just like to add some favourites of my own, and ask if anyone has experience with a company I am interested in buying from. I too agree that modern perfumes smell terribly artificial, and that oil-based ones are best, however one eau de toilette which has impressed me greatly is Après L’Ondée, also by Guerlain, but with the scent of flowers after rain, most noticeably violets. It was made in 1906, and certainly smells of that era, in the best possible way. On another note, if any of you chance to visit Morocco, the solid and oil-based perfumes there are to die for, especially amber, musk and jasmine!

    May I ask, however, if anyone has purchased from Alkemia? It’s a shop on Etsy whose perfumes are inspired by famous figures, places, works of art… the descriptions are so haunting and unusual! I would be interested to know if these perfumes live up to their descriptions, especially considering how reasonably they’re priced~

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    This thread has made me want to start creating my own perfumes! I have a small essential oil and fragrance oil collection that I’d like to put to good use. I’m sure there are some tutorials on the internet. And then it’s just a case of getting some nice glass bottles and coming up with some lovely names :)

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    Rayati, Miss Eriana,

    I subscribe to TheLongHairedFlapper on Youtube, and she has some lovely videos on scents from the Victorian era through to the 20s, which can be made with essential oils. Do let us know how how your perfume-making goes!

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