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Reflection on Sai Vikhe and Sai Rhave

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    I have been thinking a lot about these two because I see on elektraspace they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. I wrote some short poems for them. Not my best work admittedly, but I would still like to share them.

    Sai Vikhe,
    Lady of war
    Lady of courage
    Lady of valor
    Let your fire warm my heart
    And keep me strong and confident

    Sai Rhave,
    Mother of the end
    Mother of steadfastness
    Mother of severity
    At the end of time we will meet
    But for now you remain a mystery
    Keep me locked, don’t let me falter
    In my faith to you, the mother,
    The daughter and the Jana

    An Aside
    I know that building an altar to Sai Rhave isn’t recommended but there is something about her that I feel a connection to (maybe it’s due to my childhood in Arkadya). Especially as we come upon the “crone season” that’s what we called it in the Tellurian religion of Dianic Wicca.

    I also pray to Sai Vikhe to keep me strong. I imagine her to be wise and pragmatic when it comes to war. She never fights for herself nor because she wants to, but because she thinks of us and fights only when provoked. When she fights she is graceful and clean. While she represents Mars, she is completely balanced and feminine. Unlike some masculs that are entirely unbalanced and ego driven.

    I ramble now, but if you made it this far I’m thankful you listened.

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    Rayati Miss Venus!

    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely poems. I would tend to agree that these two particular Janyati are perhaps not mentioned as often as others, so it’s nice to see a devotion for Them specifically.

    I actually had a brief period where I considered myself a Dianic Wiccan before finding Dea, and I must admit, my image of Sai Rhave has definitely been influenced by the Grandmotherly Crone figure of the Wiccan trinity.

    In any case, thank you again for sharing and I look forward to seeing any future poems you might like to share.

    In amity,


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