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Reflections on New Chapel Article

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    Myriam Hildotter

    I was very excited to read the new article on the Mother God Chapel, Filianic Scriptures – the Golden Time.

    I had read that some newer versions of Scripture changed the Golden Time to the Silver Time, and I had found that quite strange.  That really is a huge change, I think.  I am glad that the Chapel addressed that.  The Chapel’s explanation of the Solar and Lunar symbolism was quite instructive, I think.

    There is something that came to mind as I was reading it as well. which is tangentially related.  By changing the symbolism of the Creation Story to Silver, the newer versions may have (perhaps unintentionally) aligned themselves with the Enlightenment.  Gold is, of course, related to the Sun, and thus to Solar Intellect.  Silver is related to the Moon, and thus to Lunar Reason.  In a sense, the symbolism of Creation being a Silver Time is placing the Lunar, and Lunar Reason as primary, which in a sense, is what Rationalism is.

    I might be taking this too far, but these symbols are very powerful, and often go far beyond the original intent of the redactor(s).

    In any case, I think that the Chapel article was very, very important!

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    Lady Aquila

    Symbolism has a life of its own that transcends the conscious intentions of those who use it. Modern West Telluria has a very complete anti-structure which naturally expresses itself through its symbology. As you say, the valuing of the lunar reason over the Solar Intellect is essentially the ideology of current West Telluria in its essence.

    The simple valuing of silver over gold – even if one were unaware of anything deeper – would surely seem symbolically perverse. Another interesting assimilation is that by making silver the origin of things (and therefore, presumably also of gold) one is deriving the greater from the less, which is precisely the “evolutionist” error.

    None of this, I am sure, was the conscious intention of the “lunarist” redactors, but symbolism is an organic whole. Once one symbolically allows the errors of modern Telluria to get a foot in the door, the whole body naturally follows.

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    I completely agree with you on this matter.

    The idea of silver in Scripture was the first notion I was exposed to and so I did not think anything of it. But when I started reading the discussions on here that viewed the addition of silver to the Scriptures as a later redaction, I realised that despite the good reasons put forth for silver being the original, the reasons for Gold being the Primal are better.

    After all, in every culture one hears the laments of the loss of a Golden Age, never a Silver Age.

    In amity,


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