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Tellurian Children's media from the 1980s

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    Princess Pureheart

    Rayati my dear ones,

    I believe I mentioned a bit about this on the My Little Pony thread and it had been something I had wanted very much to discuss. I remember one in particular, “Moon Dreamers”, about a group of magical children who live in a celestial kingdom and make good dreams which they then bestow to children of Telluria (interestingly while the show was called “Moon Dreamers” there was also a group of magical children who were their friends and helpers called the “Sun Sparklers” and “Sun Finders” who were associated with bringing forth the solar aspect!).

    Intriguingly: in both the original Rainbow Brite and Moon Dreamers there are eight main protagonists.

    I recall from my early childhood a number of sadly short lived and/or forgotten shows and specials that were rather delightful. If it would not bother you, as I am a bit new and still very much learning thealogy, would you kindly indulge me in asking for your input?

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    I vaguely remember MoonDreamers, although it’s been almost thirty years since I’d seen it. I watched a couple episodes on YouTube just now, but I didn’t really see anything particularly metaphysical aside from the idea that dreams come from the lunar realm. Perhaps it gets deeper as the show goes on? Either way, I don’t think the show is harmful.

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    Myriam Hildotter

    I will have to say that I have never seen any of these kinnies, so it is hard for me to know.

    For the most part, Western media from the 1980’s is more racinated than current Western media.  However, the Eclipse was already well underway, and there could still be hidden poisons.  I am not saying that there are, but there very well could be.

    When we recommend media here, we are looking for material to re-racinate ourselves and/or to help undo the damage from the Pit.  There are a lot of different things we look for.  For example, it can be good to watch Western pre-Eclipse media (from the early 1960’s and before), even though some of the stories are not as innocent as they could be.  The reason for that is that one can see the manners, clothing, furniture style, and the like from these kinnies.

    My own thought is that until one really knows and understands what to look for and what to avoid, it is best to stick with pre-Eclipse media and very select Anime.

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    The thing is that while a lot of 1980s media meant for little girls was prettier and nicer than pretty much anything else available to the West then or later, there were problems as well. There’s something I’ve noticed about our favorite media from before we come to Chelouranya – often we picked out the best bits to enshrine in memory and blocked out the nasty or just mediocre things. Example: a dear friend and I had both loved a post-Eclipse kinnie and were talking about the nice bits in front of another Chelouranyana. However, we’d both blocked out a very nasty bit of it, because who wants to remember something like that? Well, that girl was inspired to look it up on Youtube and found something that was called the best scene, which was precisely that nasty bit! How poisonous for her! How regretful we were to cause such pain! So, although it’s all right to like those things from your past that had nice bits, even if they were made in the Pit, we advise against recommending them to other Chelouranyani. We wouldn’t want anyone else to go through that situation, either side of it.

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