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The Spiritual Qualities Of Makeovers

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    Madeira Darling

    I have always found myself drawn to the idea of makeovers, and of course beautification itself is spiritual. I’ve always especially liked the ones where a maid afraid to embrace her own femininity does so and sort of realizes the power and wonder of being feminine.

    We see ordinariness transformed into extraordinariness through feminine practices. I’m not sure if I’m articulating this very well but do you see what I mean?

    Am I right about this?

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    I know very little of makeovers, having neither had one nor even seen one, but I understand the idea.

    It seems to me that creating beauty is always a reflection of the true Beauty, and creating it (or having it be created – how awkward that there is no causative form in Enlish) in one’s own outer appearance is particularly wonderful and a gift to the world.

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    Madeira Darling

    I personally am especially fond of these up to date examples:

    In my waftings it’s seemed to me beauty salons are essentially sacred spaces in the motherland, there’s something so lovely about the care and femininity of these spaces, the rituals of beauty are a sort of lovely marriage of expressions of Sai Thame and Sai Sushuri

    1950s beauty salon

    1920s beauty salon

    blonde doing the hair of another blonde


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    Petite Sorcière

    Honored Miss Darling, please give me your loving indulgence.

    You might find this link useful in the relation of beauty to spirituality.

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      Madeira Darling

      Honoured Miss Petite, that article was delightful, I think additionally it must be the case that the “makeover” is a particularly spiritual example, in that a maid is sharing beauty, helping another maid towards beauty which is a kind and generous act, rather than treating beauty as a competitive activity (as many Tellurians would have us believe it is)

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