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    Welcome to Shining World, honored Sanae-chei. I am taking the liberty of reposting your self-introduction here.

    Rayati, honored ones. Please give me your loving indulgence.

    You have honored me greatly by accepting me into the community. I do hope my picture is acceptable. If you would do me the kindness of correcting any errors I make, now or in the future, I will be in your debt.

    Rayati honored Sanae-chei and thank you so much for kindly joining Shining World. We certainly try to create a place of haven and kindness and we are happy to welcome you among us and hope you will be able to be your true self here.

    I like your picture very much. It is from Magic Knight Rayearth isn’t it? A rather tragic character as I recall. Is this something that resonates with you? What are your favorite anime?

    Speaking of which I see you have joined the Japanese group. Are you interested in Japanese?

    Please don’t worry too much about mistakes. We will correct them if it is necessary, but you are very courteous and gracious and I am sure you will pick up our ways over time. Everyone makes a few mistakes. It isn’t anything to be too concerned about.

    Please give me your loving indulgence.


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    Rayati, honored Sushuri-chei. I hope that I have chosen the correct honorific; I believe I have seen others use -chei for you. Thank you ever so much for your kind welcome.

    You are correct, the picture is Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth. She does have a tragic story, and this is why I hoped it was acceptable for me to use. I find her very beautiful, and striving always to uphold the thame of her world. She is strong enough to ask for help when she needs it, and I see much beauty and grace in her sacrifice.

    If I may be so bold to say it here, I too have a trauma in my past, a violation of my self at a very deep level, by Tellurian persons in positions of power over me. Tragic characters who turn their pain into beauty are aspirational for me. I have done much reflecting about this and have come to some insights (for me, personally) about the Golden Chain that perhaps I should post in another thread.

    I am afraid that most of the anime I am familiar with is a decade or two old. I am very much looking forward to finding others that display our values. (I have Netflix, but it seems I may need to subscribe also to Hulu.) The ones that I have enjoyed in the past besides this one are Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Fushigi Yuugi. There have been a couple more, but I regret that I cannot remember their names at the moment.

    I have studied Japanese, also about two decades ago. I love the language greatly, though I have forgotten much over the years. I am very interested in reviving what skills I have and expanding more on them.

    Again, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, honored Sushuri-chei.

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    Yes, people usually give me -chei which is usual for anyone of Estrenne inclination.

    I am so sorry that you have had such horrible experiences. I very much hope that we can be of some help in healing and nurturing your wounded spirit.

    A lot of the anime I watch is quite old also. I am not sure why; it just seems to fall out that way. Doki Doki Precure is a good recent anime with very sound values. There was also a new anime of the original Sailor Moon story last year called Sailor Moon Crystal. The story is actually much closer to the original manga than to the first anime. The artwork, I think, is really lovely.

    While it is natural to have forgotten a lot of Japanese after a long gap, it will probably be relatively easy to pick it up again. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. Please feel free to open your own thread in the Japanese Forum to ask questions and/or discuss your progress.

    You also mentioned starting a thread related to the Golden Chain. Please do so. As you have noticed, Shining World is rather quiet currently. That happens sometimes it doesn’t mean we are dormant as a community, just that most of our activity is taking place privately.

    Chatting here is the first step in getting to know you, so please do chat here! We are always happy to answer questions or talk about anything!


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    Clare Trent

    Rayati honored Sanae-chei,

    Please give me your loving indulgence.

    I am delighted to make your acquaintance. How splendid it is to have someone wish to enter our doors who already has knowledge of Japanese and familiarity with some anime.

    I thank you for your bravery and honesty in mentioning (without too much detail) horrid things that have happened to you. Sadly, many nasty things do happen in Telluria, and I trust you will find you are right in your feeling that you can be safe here.

    My position is a bit like an Ambassador to Telluria; that is, someone you are free to talk to about Tellurian things that disturb you, if you should so wish. As a Brunette, I am able to listen and discuss things that we would not want to talk about to delicate Blondes.

    In Amity, Clare Trent

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    Yuriko Rill


    Heee…I know that I welcomed your update, but I thought I would do so formally here.

    Telluria can be a really rough place, and sadly, there are many tragic stories in it. I hope that you can find healing here. I know that I have.

    I think that most of the anime I like is rather old, too; although, I really like Precure! I think that our standards are not about whether an anime is old or new, but about how well it supports our values.

    I have both Netflix and Hulu, or at least my household does. In the last year or so, Hulu has added Aria and Maria-sama ga Miteru, which are both quite lovely and gentle anime.


    In Amity,
    Yuriko Rill

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    Rayati, honored Miss Trent!

    Oh, you are an answer to an unvoiced wish: that there would be one here who could listen to me and my difficulties so that I would not have to inflict them on other delicate souls. As a Blonde myself, I know very well the agony that comes even with hearing of others’ pains. I will take you up on your offer anon.

    May Dea bless you, and may She bless us all.

    In Amity,

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    Clare Trent

    Rayati honored Sanae-chei,

    I am happy that my words give you relief. I have sent you a Friendship Request, though in fact I think all you need to do is contact me through the Private Message button on my profile page when you feel ready.

    Please forgive me if these suggestions are not needed. Personally, I often need a little help to navigate Shining World as I tend to be puzzled about technical matters.

    Please feel completely free to get in touch in your own time when you feel moved to do so. I am here to serve any soul who is hurting whenever she feels ready to reach out to me. Your needs are what is important here.

    In Amity, Clare Trent

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    Rayati, honored Rill-chei!


    This community already is an answer to so many needs of my heart. A safe space, and one where I can regain my lost Japanese skills and learn new things. I am so happy that you have found healing here.

    In gratitude and Amity,
    早苗 (Sanae)

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    (Please forgive my furiganizing. As I am not sure of your level I erred on the side of caution)

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    スシュリさん へ。



    (I rely so heavily on the software to add kanji for me. 勉強も練習もしなければなりもあせん、ね!)

    (Edited because I wrote the wrong verb originally. すみません!)

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    It is not necessarily a bad thing to have software form your kanji. You need to know them to recognition level in order to do that (otherwise you would be selecting wrong kanji with the same pronunciation). This article discusses the question of whether it is actually necessary to know kanji to production (ie writing) level.

    More to the point, perhaps is not just the question of whether it is necessary (if we are going all the way with Japanese we will want to reach that point) but the question of whether that is the best and most organic use of our time and energy at this stage.

    I think you may also find this article on the organic approach to learning kanji useful.

    Do you use Rikai (chan/sama) by the way?

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    Honored Sushuri-chei,

    For 練習 I needed to look up the kanji. There are some I recognize still, and some that I can write. My performance above was decidedly artificially enhanced! お願いします、please continue your ふりがな。 It is so helpful! I do so very much love writing and calligraphy, in any language!

    Your second reference was very good! I feel like that is the way I can approach kanji now: because I know more of the words than I do the kanji, I have that background to build on. This is, of course, my personal opinion for me.

    I also discovered that my ordie (yes? I am still learning these words) has a function that will let me input kanji by drawing them on my trackpad. It’s delightful!

    I had not heard of Rikai before, so thank you for the information. I definitely will look into it.

    In Amity,

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    This article explains Rikaichan and this one gives information on its latest incarnation, Rikaisama.

    If you use one of these you actually don’t need furigana, as its most basic function is to give the readings of kanji on a web page when hovered over. It also gives optional definitions in English or, if you have Rikaisama, with a choice of having Japanese-Japanese definitions. It really is terribly useful.

    If you know more words than you do the kanji (forgive the awkward syntax. 英語は難しいですね!)that is not a bad position to be in because it is the more organic way to arrive as it were. You may also find this article useful because for people who do “know the word but not the kanji so well” it often gives a cue to how the word is pronounced. I often find that from this information plus my general sense of how kanji are likely to be pronounced I can sound out the word and realize what it is.

    Oh please forgive me. These sentences are so poorly constructed aren’t they! But I hope you will know what I mean.

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    There is nothing to forgive, I assure you! Your sentences were clear to me, and I understand your meaning well. I too can sometimes sound out a word if I recognize the kanji’s pronunciation.

    I meant to ask what you thought of my name kanji. They were a gift from a dear sensei, and I treasure them greatly. I chose the name for its sound, and she gifted me with the meaning. I do not think they are very common as a name, but perhaps I am mistaken.

    I just realized, remembering this sensei, that she may have some Chelouranyan ties as well. She embodied kawaii and genki, gentleness, sunshine, and amity. She taught me how to properly wear kimono and tied my obi with her own unique flourish. I have not been able to be in touch with her for several years, but I hope that she can feel my heart’s dear love for her still.

    I will most definitely obtain the services of Rikaisama! What a useful thing to have.

    In Amity,

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    I love your name kanji! As I said earlier, I think them かわいくてふさわしい. By kawaii I didn’t really mean “cute” entirely. Kawaii is a word with various levels of meaning (the kanji of 可愛い mean literally “can love”: lovable).

    Fusawashii might seem a strange thing to have said because I do not know you well, but somehow I had the feeling that the name had a special appropriateness to you. Now that you tell me that a dear sensei gave them to you, I feel more confirmed in my original feeling. I think she was someone who felt your inner nature and chose the right kanji for you.

    How wonderful that she helped you to wear kimono correctly. That is such a lovely thing. Have you ever attended 茶道 (さどう what in English is called “tea ceremony”)?

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    Many thanks indeed for your indulgence! I realized after I last wrote that it reads as though I am fishing for compliments. I am so sorry! I believe it was my subconscious’ way to tell me that there was something I missed comprehending from your earlier reply, and that was ふさわしい。 I had to look that up, as I do not think I knew it. But it is not just the word comprehension; I feel it is this deeper knowledge and affirmation from you that my kanji are appropriate. They suit me and perhaps do reveal some of my inner nature: the sun rising over the earth, the tiny new sprouts in the rice paddy. I doubt they would ever have been the kanji I would have chosen for myself, but I have no doubt at all that my dear sensei chose fusawashikute. (Did I conjugate that correctly?)

    I have had the pleasure to observe parts of 茶道 twice. It is so beautiful. I hope that some day I can be part of one. I have developed my own tea meditation that I perform whenever I make tea. Mostly it is a matter of mindfulness and full attention. Of course, it does not compare in the least to the true 茶道, but is instead a simple little thing I do to honor the tea in my own little way.

    I wore only a simple kimono, but how I wish one day to wear furisode! It is so elegant and refined, so dignified and beautiful.

    I read the page here on かわいい a couple times. It has been a journey for me to accept “cute!” As a child, it was fine, but as I grew older, Tellurian society pressured me to reject “cute.” I greatly admire the mix of elegance and kawaii here. None of us have to spurn one or the other, we can have both! I did not know about the different ways to write kawaii. Such wonderful things you teach me, sensei!

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    I am so glad you love 茶道. It is quite beautiful isn’t it. I love the seasonal symbolism. for example when I attended in the Autumn, grey round お菓子(おかし) were served and I was told that they were chosen because they represented the Moon Rabbit, an important symbol of Autumn. The same Moon Rabbit punningly alluded to in the name of 月野 うさぎ (Sailor Moon). 月野 means moon-field but the whole name is pronounced the same as 月のウサギ (tsuki no usagi = Moon Rabbit). Interestingly the Moon Rabbit is traditionally said to be pounding mocha, which is used in making お団子 (odango) and Usagi-chan’s distinctive hairstyle resembles odango. She is in fact called お団子頭 (odango-head) by Mamoru.

    Oh dear, I digress. However it is interesting how traditional symbolism runs through so many popular Japanese media, isn’t it?

    I think it is very good that you have your own tea meditation. Mindfulness is so important, and developing respect and gratitude toward the beautiful and dear things we are blessed with is a little step toward perfection.

    Your conjugation was not quite correct. It should be ふさわしくfusawashiku. くku alone turns an “i-adjective” into and adverb. Otherwise くku is the “glue” that holds other conjugations onto “i-adjectives”. ふさわしくてfusawashikute is the connective て形tekei (te-form) of an “i-adjective” (“i-adjectives” have て形 because they are closely related to verbs, unlike “na-adjectives” which are essentially nouns).


    ふさわしい選択(せんたく) appropriate choice
    ふさわしく選択する choose appropriately
    ふさわしくて美しい appropriate and beautiful

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    So many thanks for your kind corrections, Sushuri-chei. I understand now about ふさわしい and how to conjugate it properly. There are so many things to remember! I can only hope they will come back to me in time. I am woefully out of practice, and grateful for the opportunity to speak and re-learn here.

    I love how different media use traditional Japanese symbolism! Please don’t worry about your digression. I enjoyed reading it very much. I always identified more with Mizuno Ami, personally. I like how Ami can also be read as French for “friend.” Friend of water. Such references are so poetic, aren’t they?

    How lovely, to be served okashi in the likeness of the moon! All of this reminded me of the four beautiful characters of 花鳥風月. (I confess, I had to look them up, as I only remembered the general gestalt of the phrase.) The world around us provides so much inspiration and beauty, don’t you think?

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    While there are a lot of things to remember, the number is relatively finite compared to other languages, because Japanese is so regular.

    If you now know how to conjugate ふさわしい properly you also know how to conjugate every other “i-adjective” properly. Without any exception they all work exactly the same. So learning or re-learning Japanese grammar, while clearly not a small task, is not nearly as extensive as with many languages.

    Yes, Mizuno Ami is a wonderful name isn’t it, and, as you probably know, water is the element of Sai Mati/Mercury in the Japanese/Chinese elemental system. The planet Mercury is 水星 suisei, “water-star” and Matidi (Wednesday) is 水曜日 suiyoubi, water-day.

    花鳥風月 is so beautiful isn’t it? I find it fascinating how Japanese people are constantly aware of the seasons and how much a part they are of their daily conversation and thoughts. The Filianic Sutras say “honor in all things the times and the seasons”. In Japan this is very much part of the way of life.

    As you probably know, one of the rules of haiku is that in its brief length it must always contain a reference to the season. I think it is because the succession of the seasons is the fundamental physical manifestation of the Celestial Harmony (和 wa), which is central to both our and to the Japanese view of life.

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    Petite Sorcière

    Welcome to Shining World, honored Sanae-chei.

    It is really wonderful to have you among us.

    Please give me your loving indulgence.


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    Rayati, honored Miss Sorcière! Thank you for the warm welcome. とろしくおねがいします!

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    Rayati honored Sanae-chei, and please give me your loving indulgence. I do apologize for not coming earlier to greet you, I am a busyish brunette and term has just started. I have been following your conversations with interest in my stolen moments, and am greatly looking forward to making your acquaintance.

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    Rayati, honored Elefarya-chei, it is so nice to meet you. There is no need to apologize at all! Busyness happens and I completely understand. Best of luck for this term!

    I too am looking forward to making your acquaintance.

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