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    Rosamunda Elefarya et al. - "Happy Amity Day, dear maidens! Although I have been mostly quiet, I have been very grateful that I got to meet everyone here!"View
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    Lucetta Jane Spurling - "At last, my snapsies from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. Enjoy! [bpfb_link […]"View
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    Sanae - "I found another pretty flower fairy poem card! This is “The Song of the Windflower Fairy” and there is a note that “windflower” is another name for the wood anemone. While human-folk slumber, The fairies […]"View
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    Clare Trent - "Rayati minasan and happy Eastre! I wanted to view and post from my keitei to test it out and I had such trouble finding the place to log in. You see I succeeded but I’m not quite sure how so I hope I can do it […]"View
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    Serena Challoner - "Here is a sweet harvest picture for the festival by Molly Brett."View
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    Sara Nimwelana - "Happy Nativity, magical ladies! I hope the Star Fairy was good to you, and that you have a safe, peaceful day. <3"View
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    Elmina Vikhaya - "Happy Nativity everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Service yesterday was just lovely, wasn’t it? I hope you love this Japanese image of Dea as much as I do. She is just beautiful, isn’t […]"View
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    Amalya Corinthian - "I’m nowhere near knowing very much, but this song strikes me as a bit like what I imagine Novaryan “pop” music to sound. Notice how it takes a classical melody and employs synthesizers as well as other features to […]"View
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    Rose - "かわいい! [bpfb_link url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=204&v=kyqR5onm0nI’ title=’VERY GOOD MANNERS in Lolita Fashion 2 by Japanese model Misako Aoki|青木美沙子ロリータマナー講座お笑い – YouTube’ image=’https://i.ytimg.com/vd?id=k […]"View
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    Maxie Hikari - "Oh dear, ‘the funnel effect’ has struck… I just flunked a test in the most brunette way possible. Question: ほん お よむ Answer: ken no yomu – sword fighting I think that お should possibly have been a を, but I am […]"View
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    Annette Clovender - "Seeing Dolly-chei’s lovely doll photography inspired me to take some pictures of my own! This is Abigail, the tiniest member of my current doll family (which means I actually found space to photograph her […]"View
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    Minami Kohime - "I happened to chance upon a Youtube channel last month. This lovely maid shares kinnies of her painting the faces of the most lovely ball-joint dolls and, my, she is so talented! Today she showed us and even more […]"View
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