• Rose posted an update 3 years ago

    I remembered some things I had read here about the metaphysical significance of the pyramid and how it relates to traditional cosmology. Seeing this today, I found the answer to the question proposed in this photo to be good example of the simple-mindedness of materialist West Telluria, and clearly demonstrates the difference between them and Traditional societies.

    • I guess if they didn’t have three doors in exactly the same place they’d fall down. The funny thing is, if animals were what West Telluri think they are (merely physical survival mechanisms). I guess they would think this way. Maybe West Telluri are evolving into apes.

    • Honored Sorcière, I know you are speaking in jest. A biological “evolution” is of course, hardly likely, and animals are something other than West Telluri imagine they are anyway. However it is true to say that when axials form a particular image and firmly believe it to be true they do radically transmute themselves in the direction of that image. So your joke is not entirely frivolous ‐ as I suspect you knew.