• Rosamunda Elefarya et al. posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Gentle maidens, I come to you with a soul slightly scuffed and bruised. I was surprised into holding forth on my loathing for free verse in rather firmer (though civil) tones than were perhaps comfortable to the situation. It was too difficult, though, not to speak up for the schoolgirl I was who had to write essays on the merits of works she absolutely knew were bad!

    • O ki no doku sama.

      I am never sure if it is really free verse or just very cheap. Sorry, that was a slightly naughty joke, but I do know what you mean. There seems something a little willful about it somehow doesn’t there?

      I always find it odd that pseudo-“haiku” are popular among some modern West Telluri. Haiku just doesn’t work in English because it isn’t a mora-based language. But people who shun traditional rhymed and properly scanning verse completely seem to love pseudo-“haiku”, and one can’t help feeling it is because it doesn’t work.

    • PS – by “willful” I suppose what I really mean is “deliberately perverse”. Which is not really a comment on any individual writer – it is more something that seems to be built into West Tellurian culture at this stage.

    • Thank you so much for your kind and sympathetic words, dear Sushuri-chei! It is so nice to have a place where these things are understood, ne?