• Rosamunda Elefarya et al. posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just a scribble-scrabble note that doesn’t really go anywhere: I have taken up bead weaving and discovered very quickly that the best bead needles and the finest seed beads are both universally acknowledged to be Japanese. The bead needles in particular are Tulip needles, which is a very 可愛い (kawaii) name, don’t you think?

    • Oh, how lovely! I find beadweaving so much fun and so meditative. I began before Tulip needles were so popular, so I like and use the German ones (12 beading; I find the sharps to be too short), but I agree that Japanese seed beads are excellent in quality. I also think the name “Delica” is kawaii! I would love to see some piccies of your work, if you want to share!

    • If I could figure out quite how to post them, I would! I am a beginner, though – I’ve been doing it less than a month and only have five projects done.