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    Yuriko Rill - "Now from the time when the Daughter of Heaven had passed through the first gate of Hell, a barrenness had fallen on the earth; and neither bird had sung nor any flower showed its beauty forth; nor was there joy in […]"View
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    Clare Trent - "Rayati minasan and happy Eastre! I wanted to view and post from my keitei to test it out and I had such trouble finding the place to log in. You see I succeeded but I’m not quite sure how so I hope I can do it […]"View
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    Serena Challoner - "Here is a sweet harvest picture for the festival by Molly Brett."View
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    Sara Nimwelana - "Happy Nativity, magical ladies! I hope the Star Fairy was good to you, and that you have a safe, peaceful day. <3"View
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    Elmina Vikhaya - "Happy Nativity everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Service yesterday was just lovely, wasn’t it? I hope you love this Japanese image of Dea as much as I do. She is just beautiful, isn’t […]"View
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    Shiratori - "Exciting things came in the mail the other day. One of the exciting things was the manga Code Name Sailor V, which is the prequel to the Sailor Moon series. This is the first time for me reading manga in […]"View
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    Amalya Corinthian - "I’m nowhere near knowing very much, but this song strikes me as a bit like what I imagine Novaryan “pop” music to sound. Notice how it takes a classical melody and employs synthesizers as well as other features to […]"View
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    Myriam Hildotter - "Here is a basic article explaining Archetypes which may be of interest. [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Original Forms/Archetypes | The Stars […]"View
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    Rose - "かわいい! [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’VERY GOOD MANNERS in Lolita Fashion 2 by Japanese model Misako Aoki|青木美沙子ロリータマナー講座お笑い – YouTube’ image=’ […]"View
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    Dianne Lindqvist - "I have arrived safely in Shroomland! I will tell you more about the journey tomorrow, After I have rested a bit."View
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    Annette Clovender - "Seeing Dolly-chei’s lovely doll photography inspired me to take some pictures of my own! This is Abigail, the tiniest member of my current doll family (which means I actually found space to photograph her […]"View
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    Minami Kohime - "I happened to chance upon a Youtube channel last month. This lovely maid shares kinnies of her painting the faces of the most lovely ball-joint dolls and, my, she is so talented! Today she showed us and even more […]"View
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