• Mei posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Rayati, honored maids; I come bearing more questions!
    In Chapter 9 (Shaillemere) of Goldenhead, I was wondering; do we know where that land would lie, in relation to other nations? Perhaps it is in the Far East? I thought that the description seemed to fit.

    • Of course, recognizing that the novel is fiction, but I wonder if it is entirely fictional or a reflection of a place/representation of a place.

    • I do not know the answer to your specific question. My Motherland waftings are all from North Arkadya. I do think that Sai Herthe is real, but I do not know if it is a physical place or on a different plane of existence.

    • Ah, my apologies! I wasn’t quite clear. I meant that the book was fiction, not the Motherland – my most sincere apologies!
      I ask because the culture described in that chapter seems ever so familiar to me.

    • And I also must say that I personally incline towards the idea of the Motherland being on a separate plane of being – not to say that I know for sure, humble maid that I am, but that has been my personal belief on it.

    • To answer your question very specifically would be a little bit of a spoiler for The Flight of the Silver Vixen, as it is a place where the two stories cross over, but it is on a fictional world, not the Motherland.

    • Ah, that makes sense! Thank you so much, Sushuri-chei!