• Mei posted an update 6 months ago

    I have started reading Happy Innocent Musumi Senshi, and yet, as is known, it is no longer active.

    I love blogging, and was considering writing one from a Chelouranyan perspective; it would contain:
    – Reviews and reflections on episodes of different anime, such as PreCure (of course!), Sailor Moon, Aria, and other anime that I could find which would be considered most racinated.
    – Religious posts – prayers, reflections on scripture, scripture reading plans, reflections on the festivals, those adorable little pictures with scripture quotes on them
    – Japanese culture – kawaii culture, Lolita, ball jointed dolls, etcetera
    – Racinated book reviews
    – Fashion (patterns, showcases of racinated maids from the pre-Eclipse era, and possibly even some from the current era)
    – Recipes (particularly those which are adorable, elegant and remind me of Home!)
    – A photo gallery of online dolls from doll makers, racinated art, etcetera
    – Any other suggestions!
    Would anyone be interested in reading such a blog? And more pertinently, am I allowed to link to personal sites on the forums in order to direct interested maids to it? Many forums understandably do not allow such advertisement, as it might lead to derailment and other such issues. However, I just felt as though I had to ask, as this seems as though it might have great potential to be something lovely.

    Thank you so much for your input!