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  • Rayati ladies,

    I am fortunate in that my path has taken me into a circle of very enlightened Tellurian friends — none of whom listen to anything that could be considered impure, or even slightly spiritually damaging.

    Most of the music I listen to is East Asian Tellurian, the modern tunes and artists that reflect the beauty of traditional…[Read more]

  • Happy Nativity, magical ladies! I hope the Star Fairy was good to you, and that you have a safe, peaceful day. <3

  • Just something lovely to help make your day a wee bit shinier:

    Sugai Eri — Rakuen

  • A song to help charge you up this Vikhedi:

    Cantiga (Alphonso X, 13th Century)- Arr. by Jessica Comeau (Pensacola Mountain Dulcimer Wildflowers)

    (I’m afraid I’ve lost all the information on the last profile I made, so I am using this one.)

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  • This is always a stressful situation for everyone involved, and it can be troubling and hurtful particularly if the one being possessed or influenced (a friend and I have termed Dark influence as “noodling”) is a friend or family member, or otherwise someone we care very deeply for. This humble one has come under some rather brutal attacks in the…[Read more]

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  • Rayati honoured Miss Rose,

    Prayers are an excellent way to go: in your every step, as the Gospel says, but I find also if you are feeling stressed or otherwise upset or unhappy, simply talking to the Mother or the Daughter is helpful. Another activity, if one is looking for something or trying to accomplish some thing or other, is to thank Her…[Read more]

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  • This humble one has found a very interesting site for devotees of God as Mother!
    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Shaktism’ image=’’]Shaktism, Shakta.[/bpfb_link]

  • This humble one has made a new shrine to christen her new home. She apologizes for the not-so-good quality!



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    This is a beautiful, succinct elaboration on the importance of fairy tales. As one of [no doubt] many who have struggled inwardly while friends decry such stories and tellings of them as “sexist” or “objectifying”, I find relief in knowing there is such an excellently written exposition. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Rayati Miss Lavandula,

    I am terribly sorry for my lateness in greeting you..! Welcome to Shining World, a little sanctuary accessible from anywhere in Telluria! Isn’t it lovely?

    I love that you have such reverence for Flora and nature. I adore them as well, and they are proof that Mother loves us and wants us to enjoy life, aren’t they? *sighs…[Read more]

  • Rayati Miss Lavandula,

    While Elfi herself is not fully Chelouranyan, and is less conservative than the esteemed and wonderful maidens here on Shining World, she frequently wears a head covering while in the Pit. To fox-people especially, though also to others, hair is very important and should be regarded as an elaborate network of psychic…[Read more]

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  • Elfi has returned to Shining World on her travels through… other worlds! Such as Telluria, you see.

    Her life is expanding, and so is her personality and sense of security in her identity, and her Work regarding active banishment of evil (for those who are familiar, the frequent dreams of exorcism and purification of darkness!). She has many, many different identities, though not necessarily her personas. As her beloved Becky-cheri put it, they are more like magical girl costumes in that they serve a very real purpose beyond aesthetics (though aesthetics are ALWAYS nice)! The very fact of these identities further cements Elfi’s own reverence of the Fox in her spirit, Sai Nimwe’s aspect, the shapeshifter.

    Buuut Elfi digresses! She has brought a story of Divine inspiration: tonight she sat at her kitchen table, listening to a certain song. Now, she had always loved and revered this song, though she couldn’t make out the lyrics, and attributed it to some message of purity and cosmic truth. Well, this song came on, and she decided to finally look up the lyrics. What she found struck her so profoundly she began crying with its wondrousness!

    This song seems to hold a message of the true and proper purpose of Beauty, and its inexorable relationship with Love. The last verse is the one that made Elfi start crying. Here is the video:

    Elfi apologizes for any adverts that might come up.

    And these are the lyrics:

    Behold a wonder here –
    Love hath receiv’d her sight,
    Which many hundred years
    Hath not beheld the light.

    Such beams infused be
    By Cynthia in her eyes,
    At first have made her see
    And then have made her wise.

    Love now no more will weep
    For them that laugh the while,
    Nor wake for them that sleep,
    Nor sigh for them that smile.

    So pow’rful is the beauty
    That Love doth now behold,
    As love is turn’d to duty
    That’s neither blind nor bold.

    Thus beauty shows her might
    To be of double kind,
    In giving Love her sight
    And striking Folly blind.


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    Rayati honoured Miss Feverwood,

    I’m very sorry to hear this news. Know that she still is a bright light, but that it is time for her to take a reprieve in the beautiful land of Avala, before she must continue to a bright light in other places that need it.

    I hope you find comfort, and you know that if you need to talk we are always here.

    Much…[Read more]

    • Rayati Elfe-chei
      thank you. I know she is happier not being in pain. I hope she and her daughter got back together on this plane.

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    It is, it is..! I have made plans to read this story to my friend Becky-chan. I’m excited about it and I hope it will become a ‘Tivvy Tradition.

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