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  • Rayati, Mei-chan!
    It’s lovely to meet you as well!

    Thank you so much for the book recommendations. I’m so glad there are so many Anne books to read once I’m finished with the first <3

    I’ll see if I can find any on either the Kindle or at a second hand shop, although I suppose I’ll have to get a Kindle version so I can read to my little one at…[Read more]

  • While I’m thinking of it, I want to mention that while reading these more rascinated books, I find that my mind seems to be open, I feel more intelligent and capable. I feel everything around me is suddenly made of perfume and poetry and I might just be able to enjoy and express it in some way.
    I feel that instead of it being of myself (as in, in…[Read more]

  • I feel awfully silly about my confusion about posting – it seems it’s taken me this long to find the forum section and figure out how to post properly. I’m usually fairly good with elektraspace things, too. I very much apologize, it’s actually quite embarrassing.

    I’m just going to repost the comments I previous made.

    Posted 17/6/23
    “Rayati, a…[Read more]

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    I’ve just learned that Anne of Green Gables has a Japanese television adaptation called Akage no An (赤毛のアン) !
    I’m loving reading the book but I’m now excited to watch this anime afterwards (^o^)/

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    Rayati everyone.
    I’m terribly sorry for my absence and very late introduction, I have no excuse for it. I humbly request your forgiveness.

    My name is Pearl and I currently reside in the Northwest of the United States of America.

    Currently I am trying to cultivate my image sphere to help me bring about my best self and bring my dreams to…[Read more]

    • Welcome! Welcome! Honored Miss Pearl. You have nothing to apologize for. It is quite understandable that you took your time in introducing yourself and posting.

      Thank you so much for telling us a little about yourself, and ganbatte kudasai of your studies.

      If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask them!

    • I must apologize for replying so late. I have been rather heavily involved in a book project.

      Thank you so much for introducing yourself.

      How exciting that you are taking N3 next year. If you need any help or advice with Japanese please do not hesitate to pop me a PM.

      What things do you most like to surround yourself with in cultivating your…[Read more]

    • Rayati, honored Miss Pearl!

      Please give me your loving indulgence.

      I apologize profoundly for being late in adding my voice to the chorus of welcome for you.

      がんばってください with N3!

      In Amity,

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