• Nyssa Feverwood posted an update 4 years ago

    @sushuri Rayati Sushuri-chei Is there no Anime Club this week? I hope everyone is ok.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I was in a lesson. As per Miss Hildotter’s post, we are not having Anime Club this week. We are well, but everyone seems to be very busy.

  • @sushuri Rayati Sushuri-chei, thank you :) I think, and i hope that I am just plane Miss. It rhymes with my name, sort of. The first part at least.(I tried to post this in the thread but it kept telling me I was leaving the comment blank)

    • How odd – the software does misbehave sometimes. Certainly someone from Quirinelle is going to be Miss. And of course if that is your preferred form of address, that makes you Miss in itself.

      • Gosh I don’t want to be Missin’ just yet. Sorry I am a bad punster. Yes sometimes the bits go a little wonky, but I am glad to be here. Thank you again Sushuri-chei