• Rayati Mei-San!

    I think it depends. Mori girl can look messy, but I have seen lovely styles of it that are neat and racinated. I love a mix of mori and Lolita. I also like it when it’s a little more toned down like this:

    I hope this helps.
    With love,

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    Dearest honored Miss Lynn the pleasure is mine,

    Yes, you are correct on the gospel. The one published by Sun Daughter Press/ Chapel Of Mother God is the one that we use.

    “Chei” is suffix meaning “Miss.” I may be mistaken, but I believe -chei is used more often by Estrennes than Westrennes. Either way it is perfectly fine to use.

    In amity,
    Miss Venus

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    Rayati Lynn-chei

    I am still quite new myself, but I found Flight Of The Silver Vixen to really help with my understanding of Chelouranya. There’s also Goldenhead, The Feminine Universe, The Gospel and allgirlsworld.

    The Encyclopedia for Chelouranya no longer works but notes from Chelouranya is another excellent blog. While we grow I focus on…[Read more]

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    The mini publication is going very well! I’m hoping to have it done by next month. I’ll make sure to keep the pricing very low for all of my fellow maidens <3

  • Rayati everyone!

    I am creating a small publication that will cover the basics of us Daughters and our spirituality. This publication will just be a small homemade booklet (I believe Tellurians call them “zines”) that I will have to mail by hand. I will post a sample of it soon.

    Would anyone be interested?

    With amity

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    I am having a wonderful time finding that there are so many janya. So far I’ve found Sai Annya, Sai Nimwe, Sai Rayanna and Sai Herthe. It’s almost like a hide and go seek game!

  • I have been thinking a lot about these two because I see on elektraspace they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. I wrote some short poems for them. Not my best work admittedly, but I would still like to share them.

    Sai Vikhe,
    Lady of war
    Lady of courage
    Lady of valor
    Let your fire warm my heart
    And keep me strong and confident

    Sai…[Read more]

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    What would a herthelan child call her mothers? Brunette mother and blonde mother? I’m writing a book and I don’t want my readers confused.

    • In Goldenhead, Sarai-chei referred to her brunette mother as mama, and her blonde mother as mimi. And in The Dream Key, I believe the blonde mother was affectionately called Mamala, though perhaps my memory escapes me.
      Please, if it pleases you, keep us updated on this! I am always excited to hear about new intemorphic literature.

  • I’m quite sorry Elefarya Rosamunda-chei. Sometimes I ramble. I guess what I am asking is would that kind of philosophy be appropriate for Chelouranya? I am also inquiring about Chelouranyan relationships and why people do not pair off.

    Petite Sorciere-chei, thank you very much! Your answer has helped me much!

  • らヤチ,

    My apologies for my late replies. I do have the link to the mascul in question, but I will not post it unless anyone wants it out of fear of being rude.

    I am only slightly familiar with this person. He did not seem to grasp female essentialism and if I remember correctly he attempted to add men to Deanism. Deanism is a beautiful relig…[Read more]

  • Rayati!

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. I am new and I’ll delete it if it does.

    I was looking into old Aristasia (just because I find what they write so fascinating) and I came across the old Aphrodite Cocktail Bar and Aphroditism. I know some of the old ways of Aristasia were carried over into Chelouranya, even though they are very different…[Read more]

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    I have found that I feel closest with the Novaryans. What should a Brunette Novaryan wear on a day to day basis? I cannot find any information on Novaryan dress. They only say they dress futuristically, so I was thinking maybe 50s early 60s type of fashion? Or even lolita?

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    Rayati, Clare-chei! It’s very nice to meet you.

    I am unfortunately in Texas. I would have loved to do just that but I am planning a trip to Toronto for the next year. It does sound like a wonderful retreat. If things go awry with my trip to Canada I’ll be sure to swing by California if possible.

    In amity,

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    Oh, Miss Mei qi lolita is beautiful! I hadn’t known about it until today.

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    I would like to read more on Chelouranya, but the encyclopedia is down. Not many pages have been archived, so it’s hard to read. I’ve been reading old aristasia texts and putting together what I can from fiction novels. Can anyone help me find more information?

    In amity,

  • Unfortunately it has become a very patriarchal religion without realizing it. The masculi always complain about it having no men, but they don’t see how it’s been tainted by masculinity as is. If that makes any sense.

    I felt as if it were more a self worshiping religion rather than a divinely inspired one. It is quite sad. Diana/Artemis is never…[Read more]

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